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  1. Most definitely Not The Best UFO documentary that was ever made, not even close.
    Bold clickbait title deserves real honesty.
    There s really a bunch of better videos out there on the subject. This one looks like it was made and shot in the 70s with that Believe It or Not narrative voice that makes it sound like a vintage government PSA short film from way back when.
    In reality, it was just Okay.

  2. Don´t forget the ghost rockets 1946 which is the greatest event ever when thousands of reports came from Sweden and booms were shaking the country and silver missils landed everywhere and Gösta Carlsson met with a craft and the crew were repairing it and he made contact with them and they were looking like ordinary caucasian humans from blond to dark and he got many explanations and they probably came from Centauri alpha-Beta system and I mean this indicates time travelling will be possible rather soon.

  3. Nick Pope was an unwilling / unknowing gate keeper who was used to ''find'' and ''release'' controlled info to the public. Has Nick Pope EVER told anybody anything groundbreaking and secret? He was just fed and fed back to the public, debunkable, non sensitive info.

  4. The interview with retired pilot always disgusts me! The reason why is he felt his own little pleasure of having his million-dollar toy taken away from him was more important than the right of the people to know the truth!

  5. Just to let you know… the "sobbing caller" was debunked…he called in on the Art Bell C2C show and admitted it was all a rouse. And it wasn't the first time he's done it. Although his content cannot be denied on this one. Pretty scary.

  6. ships captains at sea have many a tail to tell of lights in the nights sky that defy technology, i know of some that have said what they have seen over the north and irish seas.perplexing.

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The Best UFO Evidence, UFO DOCUMENTARY 2017 (Video)

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