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  1. QOTD: I have 2 anwsers, One is anything related to music and my trumpet. Weather its Concert, Marching, or Pep Band I love playing my trumpet. Second is watching YouTube because I love all of the videos I have found (well the sane ones). Also I love the variety on YouTube, whether its finding out who would win in a fight like Death Battle or watching someone who makes me laugh my ass off like AttackingTucans.

  2. QOTD: I do a lot of writing, mostly original stuff, but i have a bunch of shitty fanfics that i refuse to post anywhere. I watch lets plays (like this one), read books (currently i'm re-reading some old favorites), and I play video games. Currently I'm hooked on Hollow Knight, since I recently realized I never played it even though I bought it on steam. It's super fun! And now i'm off-topic, sort of. I tend to do that.

  3. CQOTD: Right now, cooking and baking. Other interests I've had over the years include music (clarinet, piano, and singing), writing, reading, and anything STEM. One of my more obscure interests is wastewater treatment. But, in all honesty, I spend most of my free time (outside of video games) aimlessly surfing YouTube and tumblr and reading fanfiction.

  4. QOTD: I guess my favourite hobbies are cosplaying and going to conventions! I cosplay Link, Love Live! And some other stuff.
    I play piano seriously but when I play random stuff I guess that's a hobby?

  5. QOTD: My main hobby includes writing for TV and Film. I recently graduated a Screenwriting program with honours and am currently working on a comedic short film, just to get my foot in the door and so I have something to add to my resume. I am also finishing up writing my comedic web series along with tweaking my television sitcom pilot so I can possibly pitch one or both to a network or producer.

  6. Cosplay and sewing! I've been a cosplayer for almost six years and my college major is fashion design because of it. I even did a Versus cosplay with some friends three years ago

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