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  1. I want to be one of the bible humpers and call it demons ???? lol its tech left over from back far back that was left over with this system had real life not what is now….

  2. There'd be government vehicles all over if those were alien crafts…Battle of Los Angeles all over again. Its drones! Do research before posting shit, I know you guys have been struggling with getting good material lately…kinda sad to see this channel go to shit

  3. so eventually they must have flew off or disappeared but its always the same as the rest of the videos they never show where they finally go or if they disappear in an instant or take off in the blink of an eye, the person who video these things must know or saw where they went it would be really nice to see where of all these lights and objects goes before the video just stops with them still in sight…

  4. at point 0:44 just above center is a RED FLASHING LIGHT, appears to be a craft of some type, man made? who knows. If man made, it's to manipulate fear into man, and or to cause man to accept aliens, who are from another spiritual dimension, not from outer space.

  5. I think the two men are the same person with voice electronically distorted. Also one of the two always speaks in such an unnatural way; I guess so we do not discover it's the same man?

  6. Your channel got real gay from when you first started like stop click baiting and do what you did when first starting this channel please like y’all made this channel bullshit

  7. Thirdphaseofmoon,… Come-on guys. You guys know how bad your going to get knocked for Not doing your research on a video before posting it on your channel for your fans to see.. Blue beam? I'm starting to loose faith in you guys.

  8. you both sound so fucking stupid
    on duhhhh there in a formation and uhhh its like a cloud formation and its uhhhhh , one hole, levitating,,,, and uhhhhhh halloween stunt, uhhhhhh this is dramamatic and uhhhhh arial display and theres only ONE video of this HUGE event… YOU FUICKING DUMB ASS IDIOTS…. are you guys fucking high or stoned because you sound fucking retarded….. OMG im stupider for watching another one of your vids…… fucking my own fault for clicking your shit… damnit

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Stunned!! Project Blue Beam False Flag Event Sacramento? 2017 (Video)

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