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  1. PLEASE READ! ,.Strange Orb Seen,..on The Night My Best Mate Died 23rd May 2018,,.. this object was not as hi as a plane looked nothing like i have seen before!, it had no flashing lights it went in a strait line no sound, i had the camera in my hand the video is a bit shaky but i only got a little on film ,. but watched as it went out of site!,. i found him that afternoon of the date i have said!,. he had no family but just a couple of good,.. close friends, i looked in on him weekly!
    strange things are shown,. when things are not what you think,.. is going on!,.?,. i was filming the night he went to a,.. better place, after your flesh body,… has had a good inning's,. he was a lot older, as i say he had a good one! from what we no he went to sleep and never woke up! ,…PEACE AND RESPECT TO HIM!
    This video is for educational purposes only absolutely no money is being made from this video,..all the best to my subs!

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Strange UFO/Orb Seen,..on The Night My Best Mate Died!,.on the 23rd May, 2018, (Video)

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