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  1. Well damn! When I thought I all had to worry about was the bath salt zombies, weirdo floridians, skunk apes, Gators, cougars, hogs and the such now I gotta worry about skinwalkers. Guess I need to recant the statement i made a couple days ago about skinwalkers not coming this far east. Still won't stop me from going out in the swamp though.
    Great story Creepy. Absolutely​ love hearing stories about my homes,( Ga and FL). And it took place in the 90s. I miss Jncos. Great pants. Still jammin' out to NIN. Anyways Have a happy New year! 😈💀👻🎆🎉

  2. Creepy,
    I'm late. My wifi was messed up yesterday and been with the family today for New Year's, but if you watched the movie "Deliverance," with Burt Reynolds, there's the #2 reason why us Southerners love us some guns. 😂😎 We may go down but we gonna give it a helluva shot getting knocked down. Hope you've had a great New Year's Day today. May you have the best year ever in 2018.

  3. I disagree on consuming psilocybin as "destroying" your life.
    I find them very spiritual and enlightening of our consciousness. If done in the correct mindset and environment.
    Just my 2 cents and a shot of beam..

  4. if you are tripping and hear that tinnitus noise just stay put and stay safe. Its usually your 6th sense saying some shit is about to go down. You just normally cant hear the noise.

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“Stay away from central Florida” Creepypasta – r/nosleep (Video)

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