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  1. I wish someone would listen. Look up at the “moon” tonight. It’s is not the moon it’s light reflection by people here and it’s somehow pulling a blue planet obviously here.

  2. Las luces en Grecia, son conocidas como luces de terremotos. Se ven mucho en el sur de México desde los sismos del 7 y 19 de septiembre de 2017. Ya que no ha parado de temblar (u~u)

  3. All religions are wrong! Only Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life! The Bible is God's Word! Jesus Christ coming soon! Repent, and believe in the Gospel!

  4. I think it's hilarious people always say they don't know what it is, hence the term UFO! Certainly not a balloon! Our mere human minds can't comprehend these things! Our governments may be correctly justified in keeping these as secret as possible. Full disclosure may very well cause mass confusion and lead to unmitigated circumstances that can't be stopped!

  5. Interesting lights from the ground in Athens Greece when they had such tragic, deadly fire and floods near the same time! I wonder if there's any relation to those events?!

  6. Hey Mavi 777, please don't do the flashing of your logo, that flashing motion can trigger seizures in people! It quickly tweaked my eyes a minute! Anyone who has seizures would be triggered even from that quick 10 seconds!

  7. mavi 777 (7 number of GOD) please ,precious strument of God , look in :
    :Google.RADIOBLAST.net is in english ,italian ,spanish and in other language,look Whit the power of GOD ,whit the your benedition ,for you ,for your family ,for the Tribulation in arrive in THE Name of Jesus Christ look please for your discerniment ,for prepare you ,for this End Times, ,Amen

  8. Are vision prophetic for the TRIBULATION in arrive and the events , demon-stration demoniac..,But IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST , is AUTORITY! THANK-YOU FATHER ,Thank-you Lord ,Thank-you JESUS CHRIST! AMEN

  9. The demons-alien prepare the word at your landing in the word ,ATTENTION people of GOD REMEMBER in Luke 10 .17 ,19 in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST there is Autority!! to dispel Satan and your demons ,in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST ,Amen

  10. Nuclear wars , atomic fungus!! People of GOD expatriation of the Babilon!! go , go on in the muntain in the name of JESUS CHRIST LISTEN GOD !!!!,Look at Only JESUS ,Look ONLY THE BIBLE!! Amen

  11. HIDING OR A CIRCULAR CLOUD? 13"50 myself and 2 dozen other motorists stopped & watched orbs just like that stop traffic & make incredible maneuvers back in 1980 over a busy interstate in Albany NY, it made the cover of UFO Magazine! We saw they others say as many as a dozen!

  12. Super Cell cloud tops look that way because of internal cloud convection and upper level wind shear. There might be a UFO hiding inside, but that's not what makes them look have a saucer shape.

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Spectacular huge UFO hiding in the cloud over Colombia!July 27,2018 (Video)

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