SOMETHING Unknown Tailed by Russian Military Fighter Jets & NASA Engineers Report UFOs 3/5/2018 (Video)

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  1. They already know about alien technology and have built these spacecrafts. If this technology falls in any bad hands then it will be a big disaster and threat to humanity just like nuclear weapons. Governments will never reveal this information

  2. The Mylar balloon that couldn’t be debunked is unable to move in the direction of the wind because it is tied off down below, so the wind blew it Willy-nilly sideways and almost went upside down at one point. Next time he says he’s going to include more ballast, but the directions didn’t say how much weight it is capable of carrying.
    But don’t let this mislead you. UFOs are as real as it gets. Just not this one.

  3. The video of the saucer being escorted by the jets is older just an FYI! But every time I see it it makes me wonder if it’s ours or there’s! Definitely real footage

  4. I know of the talebb system within what terra inhabitants call belt of orian. Disclosure will never happen. And the big deception is the inbound planet called nibiru. It's all fake. And to keep you all in check.

  5. The first a balloon but must of had a really long tether. The second I had seen before and was proven to be fake. You can tell right before it goes behind the building and then on the other side it disappears before it goes behind the trees at the end. The other 2 were pretty cool

  6. OK …official u.s. NASA results are of .."common, that of footages of vampires vapors released at the Exact …time the light from a Other Planet …?…would reflect as suck a image …' ,thank Your cooperation for ..exposing the the footage ..for Our needs as want too control the knowledge ….of other than known technology ..Ancient advanced knowing… Beyond them alive today…?..that each time they are given ..only destroyed their Own Planet….

  7. Good stuff ABs. Keep ‘em coming!

    The first one is a balloon I am guessing. It can be purchased in the typical UFO footprint. They get pretty big. It wobbles like a balloon floating on the winds. But who knows?

    Second one seems fishy, like CGI. But who knows?

    Disinformation is the deep state’s usual tactic. Mix in some real footage with the fake and you never know what your seeing anymore!

    Plus, there are so many channels CG’ing fake footage for click bait these days, it’s ridiculous.

  8. The 1st video was pretty good. It had a cool tumbling motion. But, the main problem was that we never saw it move from the same basic spot. Why didn't they get footage of the craft leaving the area? The 2nd vid looked fake. Seemed like the saucer disappeared right as it neared the mountain to leave frame.

  9. It bothers me how negligent the camera guy is in the first one. Zooming in and out, bouncing around, focusing on roof tops, focusing on planes. When you have an other worldly object as clear as this was, you would be an utter moron to behave the way this person did.

  10. The first one looks like a balloon. The one being followed by the jets might be fake, watch it when it goes behind the mountain it disappears as a whole where they have taken it out of the video.

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SOMETHING Unknown Tailed by Russian Military Fighter Jets & NASA Engineers Report UFOs 3/5/2018 (Video)

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