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  1. I know exactly what this is and I have some photos that might interest you. Let me know if you would like more info……

  2. Awesome. I just have to tell you something. You have an amazing voice. Haha. Seriously. I really enjoyed listening to you talk. Your enthusiasm is evident. But your/ volume never changed very consistent even and controlled. Plus you talk quickly but not to fast. Again very controlled. Plus the accent is cool. Haha. I could seriously go on. I just wanted to share that with you. You have a new fan. 🙂 haha. God Bless.

  3. Rick, I like your work. I really do. But can please take down the excess "Looknowtv"? It's really distracting when you're trying to see other stuff in the videos. Thanks man.

  4. Material. Those people used. For chemtrails. No big deal. What you think alien stuff? Doubtfull ….no one has been in the moon NASA admited. Just quit it.

  5. Like most of your subscribers I believe it has something to do with the chemtrails.! But it also could come from Outer atmosphere.! It could be some sort of new virus better be careful

  6. looknowtv — a super water-absorbing polymer? It is used in Biological weapons labs to soak up a trifecta virus (3+ types) for airborne drop and disturbance through out targeted areas… Good luck

  7. Don't airplanes have blue water in the toilet? I mean, well you said planes fly over all the time, right? So maybe there was a leak. Eeeh yuck. That is just nasty. Ehh, who knows?

  8. 😶 You (conveniently?) neglected to read the part of the article where the lab chemist said they perfectly match those hydrating balls that florists use to keep their cut flowers fresh. That's all it is. No mystery here.

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Something From The SKY Fell In My YARD… (Video)

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