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  1. I will say this to all people who film anything paranormal. For the love of everything that is good on this earth ..BUY A TRIPOD!!! I know this is old but it is typical of every sighting film out there even to this day. Gheesh!

  2. This is probably where the power players of the world goto molest little children. People like George bush Sr. And other sick fucks. Look it up children all around the US going missing and being flown all around the US for sick fucks to take advantage of. Look up boys town of America child sex ring. Hunter S Thompson knew all about it and was murdered for his knowledge. They call it a suicide but they are just sick satanic fucks.

  3. Who ever is seeing this DONT go to skinwalker ranch okay? For your own safety I woudlnt, I've seen and heard some scary stuff…and I live maybe a mile or two away from the ranch..please stay away.

  4. i can make a 1.53 minute long video of my ass and post it here with a comment there was a strange noise coming out ot shitting hole followed by horrible stink before the recording was made and it doesn't mean there was some unusual activity.it means just one thing.i have eaten something healthy.so what is all this video about like?

  5. whats under controll your ignorance to what you are trying to comment about what kind of last name is anjing are you asian trying to be white? Seems like allot of white people are trying to be another skin color calling it like i see it.

  6. Put a cam on a 8" astronomical telescope at a safe distance.
    Synchronize it in redandancy with a 2nd and maybe a 3rd telescope alll with the same occular.
    Bring something STABLE (on heavy tripod), ZOOMBLE and FOCUSSABLE.
    Some of them maybe with different filters.
    You could even try to put them at a good distance from one another to triangulate positions.
    Try also to mount on these those long-distance parabolic microphones.
    Try even to have sensitive material to infra and ultrasounds.

  7. @joshanator1
    ya i will try that. i will be moving out there soon and as soon as i get the money for it i will b buying a nice camera to take photos and also buy a nice video camera to document the paranormal out there. for everyone that are non believers they have never been out there. it is a daily part of life

  8. with technology nowadays and the effects it can do make it harder to believe what is real and what is not,this vid real doesnt show anything but lights enhanced by camera,good video ,but doesnt prove anything……there is a thing called shape shifting you may be interested in.

  9. @voyagersystem i never said demons are people, there is no "good" or "evil" there just is and you have to accept that as part of god's plan whom you as a finite being cannot comprehend. We should seek the light but to find heaven one must also walk the corridors of hell from time to time. Blind faith is not enough without truely knowing and seeing the truth.

  10. @voyagersystem demons are ignorant dogmatic people like you, who falsely term extradimensional being or intelligence you dont understand or even bother to research immediately as "demonic". Keep in mind the universe is built on yings and yangs, there are no demons there are no agels, these entities just are… Yes God exists and searching for him by following such paranormal mircales only strengthens our conviction as to God's validity.

  11. @cetnikz There's a book called THE HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER by George Knapp that tells the story. Basically a family that had lived on the ranch experienced strange phenomena, including cattle mutillations and what some claim to be interdimensional beings entering our world through some sort of portal on the ranch site. Local Indian tribes have claimed for centuries that this area had mystical properties. An organization funded by a millionaire bought the ranch and did a series of investigations,

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