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  1. Truth….A billionaire buys a ranch (sight unseen) which has been reported as Pandoras Box of the paranormal. Hires a team of scientists to discover and document this phenomenon. After a month yielding zero results and job security on the line they embellished a few experiences. Again with no solid proof of anything just "stories" betting on the fact that Mr Bigelows passion for the paranormal would be enough to overlook the truth.That in fact the truth is the ranch was a money dump and a hustle from day one. But of course nobody will believe this story because sometimes the truth is just to much to handle.People are invested and want to believe and with recent news about the Pentagon UFO program doesn't help things it just adds more salt to the soup. I will tell you this the stories about the wolves are true and the native American lore that surrounds the property should be respected and left alone.

  2. There is an area in west Texas where things of this nature go on. Lights that show up, follow cars and zip in and out of view when you are on the highway, entities and phantoms. There are places in the pacific NW where strange things go on that defy so called scientific explanation where everything is 'slanted' as far as gravity or people walking and cars have been claimed to roll up a hill without the engine being on. There is research by David Paulides about people mysteriously disappearing in National parks and sometimes in the city minutes after someone saw them in a bar or walking on a street or in some cases were walking along side them. His books are Missing 411 and his vids are on YT. The world may not only be stranger than we imagine, it may be stranger than we can imagine. Charles Fortean wrote a book called 'The Book Of The Damned' and poses some interesting theories about what is really going on here.

  3. one person said they were driving and the thing ran on the side of the vehicle at like 65 mph or whatever like it was no big deal …another cop said supposably they saw 2 dogs standing upright smoking cigarettes the stories shot out dude!

  4. Man how I wish I could speak the language of these beings and get them to set up camp in several places here in Mississippi…my God how things would be different here…*sigh*😞

  5. Yup bro that's been out a while now this place is one of the weirdest Dog man all that shit is happening check out Missing 411 a ex cop has a series of missing persons and strange beings bro this shit goes way deeper David Paledes is his name i think my be misspelled but check out Missing 411

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