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  1. So what makes the difference between the Corpse Husbands that successful or the Wretics who don't? I don't dislike you you Wretic, I'm just trying to figure out how to be successful. Also I do have a different angle as I am… Well. I'll tell you later.

  2. finally got the opportunity to watch this video Today! This story got real creepy at the end..combining your images with my imagination was really cool! That close up shot you put in here of the skin walkers face was SCARY!! I like your voice and narration you did a great job wretic! I subscribed after you put out the video on Poveglia island, and haven't gone through all your videos before that one. I just looked through quickly today ,and they all look interesting to me. So if you see me commenting on your old videos it's because I really haven't seen them yet! take care 🙂

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Skin Walker a Reddit Horror Story (Video)

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