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  1. Not sure if anyone else has had this occur, but when listening to these supposed UFOlogists who write endless books with "secret knowledge " they usually suggest if you've had these things happening to you to write them or reach out for help…well I've learned don't bother because they will not return your emails and they can't help you. These beings have carte blanche to do whatever they want by our governments and in fact the military is participating in these abductions much of the time. These researchers and radio/internet people are just trying to make a buck off the people who suffer at the hands of these psychopaths.

  2. My only concerns are people like Stan Romanek's farce on Netflix. He almost had me until he tried deceiving the radio interviewer with a slight of hand, by flicking a pen up behind him and pretending it was 'aliens' moving objects in his room to impress the interviewer.
    There is a large portion (maybe 45%) of sightings & contact stories that are false & hollywoodish film & photo making.
    I am a UFO believer. No one has to "make me believe". I've see one myself, in 1989 in a small upstate NY city. They exist. period.
    BUT the fakers are just making fun of people like me & discrediting something that truly is happening, just because they don't believe it & want to get some cheap laughs or make some money selling snake oil. It pisses me off to no end.
    And the people that make fun of Ancient Aliens & say that Von Daniken is a crack pot or something. They piss me off too. They refuse to consider the absolute logic & science that should prove that we were created by DNA manipulation, between 50,000 & 400,000 years ago. The logic of Big Bang also proves this.
    But even Astro-physicists such as neil Degrasse-Tyson dismiss it. That pisses me off too.
    I think this video is great, and I am a firm UFO, MUFON, X-Files, Ancient Aliens, Zachariah Stitchen supporter.
    What I don't like are Fake presidents & purposely Faked UFO pics & films that cause more trouble for those of us that want to move forward & understand the Truth of our origin.
    The Truth really Is Out There!

  3. Nightmare!! Good topic man! You are right these sort of reports are important because the witnesses have a lot to lose by reporting, and so would not do so if they were not certain of what they saw. Also, they are trained and well practiced at observing details in high pressure situations.

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