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  1. I went in there with my friends, they didn't know what was gonna happen and they were saying "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!!!?" and "PROTECT THE TREASURE" cause I said to take the treasure with us lol
    Ultimate sacrifice but who cares, I got the stuff I wanted

  2. I had so much fun with this, I honestly want to do it again, I had so much fun making up a crew from a Xbox post, then trying to find other people to make and alliance, then fighting the megalodon

  3. Beat this before with 7 sloops and a galleon, we all showed up and realised no one had carried Merricks tune so we forced one sloop to go back for it, we lost 4 sloops but we all survived, then went back to Merrick, got the loot then had an all out war which ended in every single ship being sunk. This game really is about making your own fun.

  4. Wait I thought you needed five drums for this too work. Wow I wasted so much time looking for five drummers last night. Well the Meg at least was no chance for our 7-9 man crew. We did run low on supplies even though we maxed out beforehand, but we all stayed on one ship as well.

  5. My friend and I in our sloop teamed up with a Galleon of 3 people. We just barely defeated him and only ended up with about four planks left between us after having to share and help each other out. Was such an awesome experience though. It was amazing playing last night and seeing the difference a common goal made to players as a whole. Every ship we came across was friendly and people were helping each other out. Sure it'll be back to business as usual in a couple of weeks 😉

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Sea of Thieves – The Hungering One Megalodon shark (full attack) (Video)

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