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  1. do your research 🙂 , there is common theory that Bigfoot is a spirit that protects the woods hence not being able to be found it is also a figure common to the folklore of most Northwest Native American tribes

  2. Hi guys.. I'm from India,from the northeastern part of India..a problem is happening where large no of ducks,ships,pig death in a very weird way..Certain peoples have saw the creature their story told are same as the chuprachabras

  3. YOU ARE WRONG 8:15 about that color of orangutan. They range in colors, they don't just have one color. Some orangutans are the same color as the one in that image. it is simply, an orangutan. Oh, and as for it being so tall as the woman describes, that means nothing. She could have easily misjudged the height.

  4. Round Rock did not make this up to attract visitors wtf ha. Central Texas has been the fastest growing areas in the country for a while now before this incident.

  5. How bout this, people like you always say it's not a Bigfoot, it's a person in a suit, why don't you make some videos with people in a gorilla suit… Cuz Y'all bitch that the pictures and videos are not clear enuff and when you get clear pics and video you question that too… Personally I think you two quacks should stick to alien videos or sea monsters or something, because on most other subjects you seem pretty Clueless…

  6. The footage with the baby is fake as hell. Most animals would behave aggressive when they have a baby around to protect them for threats. It's not even making a sound or some sort.

  7. New theory: all Bigfoot sightings have been Andy Serkis in a costume. Makes more sense than believing a giant ape-man type thing could live undetected in the modern world

  8. I find it weird that whenever someone finds so called evidence it’s always someone who’s been “hunting” Bigfoot for years. I think they just see what they want to see. Or just make stuff up because they want attention and to act like they’re smarter than everyone else

  9. My brother is moving to British Columbia in a few months and I'm totally going to tell him to keep an eye out for Bigfoot. I believe there are things in the forests of the world that we don't know about.

  10. After all these years and still no one has put a few baited cages out there ? A TV channel with a helicopter could do it. What a scoop. " At 9pm EST on Friday NBC will broadcast live to the world the first captured Sasquatch and Saturday afternoon there is a live broadcast from the Luxor Hotel Las Vegas as the Sasquatch in it's cage arrives dangling from the helicopter and is lowered to the ground. Imagine the advertising revenue $$$$

  11. Bigfoot in Texas is just fookn stupid !! Doesn't surprise me that some idiots of Texas would make up such a ludacris tale … Cascadian mountain range from Oregon thru Washington & up into BC Canada is where you'd find one providing any exist and further north into BC's many mountain ranges which provide much more isolation from human activity & a much more suitable diet for a beast, whether he likes salmon fish out of the ocean streams & lakes , or a big juicy moose , we got it all! Only thing you'll find in Texas is a pychopath with a mask and chainsaw ! Didn't they make a film about him lmfao

  12. With the amount of people we have in this world and with today's technology if Bigfoot was real we would have hard evidence with the so called "filmed evidence" that is out there now all the "bigfoots" move to human like and in all of them they all share one thing….theyre all walking with a purpose and what i mean by that is there all b-lining to where ever theyre going…like they're walking fast and not like its natural fast either….snd coincidently they all look well groomed for someone who is supposed to have alot of hair and they all look in the direction of the camera….one would thing that in all this clips you would get a clip where they don't look in the direction of a camera…I would love to believe there is a Bigfoot as I believe in conspiracy, ghosts, and other stuff that would be ripped apart by skeptics but.. This is a big no for me dog (in my randy Jackson voice)

  13. You know… your videos used to be much more open minded but nowadays you have no problem showing outright your bias. Your arguments are simplified and vague with little actual research or depth… and mostly aims toward the close minded arguments. Well done guys. One sided arguments… how refreshing. =(

  14. Why hasn't anyone taken one into captivity? You really think bigfoot is just gonna hop into your car and ride into town with you? Be realistic we just started getting good footage of this illusive creature they're incredibly powerful they just snap the heads off dear and break down trees we dont have much of a chance to catch one

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