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  1. The ‘white thing moving around at the end of the trail’….is nothing more than glare of if a couple of leaves and the wind blowing it around. I watched this several times on my 65” LG OLED tv, and it is leaves blowing back and forth, wet leaves, nothing more.

  2. Funny as 'Hell'
    Check out..
    " Female Sasquatch Back"

    The thing Doesn't Move!!..
    Second, how the F@ck does the Guy call it a female?.. You can't see the front..
    3rd. The Comments are turned off.
    So we Don't Pick on the Loser!!

    Morons like this should Be Banned & Charged for Wasting people's time!!..

  3. OK spotted what he was talking about….at 0:36 something white appears way off in the distance and moves. To find it look at the big tree on the left closest to the camera then directly right behind it is a skinnier darker tree a quarter of the way up from the bottom of the tree focus on the clearing of space between the dark tree and the next set of trees in the distance. Almost directly down the path. Just saying something is back there in white. Go to full screen to see it better.

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Sasquatch Captured on Game Camera (Video)

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