Russian TV Redpills Its Citizens About The Global Power Of The Rothschilds

Earlier on this year Channel 1 in Russia made a news broadcast about the Rothschild family and the history of them in using Nazi propaganda along with anti-Semitic caricatures.

Rothschild Family Linked To Some Of The Biggest Conspiracy Theories

Using Nazi propaganda footage and more so without mention of the Nazi regime is generally unusual in Russian media public broadcasts. However, this time around the broadcast talked about some of the biggest conspiracy theories surrounding the Rothschild family. It also made claims that it is one part of the international Jewish plot to take over the world.

The video begins showing an old black and white image of Lord Walter Rothschild at the reins of a cart that is being pulled along by Zebras in Piccadilly in London and it went on to say that he was violating one of his own clan rules. This rule was made by his forefathers and is never forget modesty leads to riches.

Rothschild Riches On Show At British Museum

The riches of a family member of the Rothschild family, Ferdinand Rothschild are on shown at a special gallery located within the British Museum. The collection included precious gems and gold and of course gold is what gave the Rothschild family their fortune and fame.

The Rothschild family first started charging interest on the German dukes gold coins, and this was followed by global major bank speculations. They eventually went on to buy up central European banks, and today they have shares in the US Federal Reserve along with many dozens of the big banks around the world.

Rothschild Family Is Among Mysterious And Richest Of Families

The Rothschild family is one of the richest, not to mention the most mysterious of families in the world. One of the rules of the Rothschild family is to never talk about the assets of the family, and this applies to a court or in a will, and it is a rule that no one up to now has violated. No one really knows just how much the family is really worth and their worth has only ever been based on rumors alone but is said to be about 3.5 trillion dollars.

An expert on politicians, Christoph Horstel talked in the documentary about having a colossal influence if you are the richest family in the world and went on say that the Rothschild family understood politics quite perfectly and as such they know what happens.

Rothschild Family Nourishes CIA, M16, And ISIS

A modern caricature on the video shows that of a sow suckling her piglets and the video goes onto to say that it is a typical caricature. The Rothschild family nourishes the M16, CIA and ISIS. The family has lent money to rival parties over the years, and this is something that began with the war of Napoleon against Austria when they lent money to both Napoleon himself and the Austrian army and earned money back with charging an interest rate.

Many films and documentaries have been made over the years, with the first being made in 1940. The motto of the family is whoever has control over the information has control over the world.

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Russian TV Redpills Its Citizens About The Global Power Of The Rothschilds

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