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  1. As a little boy in the 70's, off course I was a Six Mil. fan. Me and some of the kids at daycare always talked about the recent episode. I had the action figure & the toy car engine he could lift with his bionic arm. My cousin in South Carolina had the Bionic Women toy & the car. We played almost all day with our toys when I visited her. I didn't know at first that Andre originated the roll. I was mad back then because I missed part 1 of the episode when it first aired. I especially loved the "Big Foot" return crossover episodes with the Bionic Woman. Thanks Dave.

  2. Thing I never understood about this show, his right arm and both legs are prosthetic, so when he's leveraging them for speed and strength, how come they're not torn from his flesh and bone. Probably a bit gruesome for a kids show of the time.

  3. Reading this brought back the same feelings I had the first time I read it. I couldn't wait to see the show and would read the add many times wondering what the show would bring!

  4. Loved both shows (the bonic woman reboot was God Awful.) The Big Foot epies were great. Was a big fan of In Search of and still love all the paranormal fringe subjects. Stephanie Powers then Sandy Duncan so seemed to me big time show. Had movie stars! Shame writers and networks and studios cannot match these old shows. They had limited budgets and had to crank out half a movie per week so crazy schedules and pressure to get the shot good enough the first time. Writing and acying were the keys to this. Now seems fx and T'n'A forget telling a good story.
    Lordy Dynamite – it was 75 cents and had to beg my mom to order it.

  5. Yes , I remember and loved the Bigfoot episodes on The Six Million Dollar Man . They might still be his most popular episodes – even the one that included Jamie Sommers ?? You can still watch the Reruns on CoziTV every weekend .

  6. I had the six million dollar man figure, while my brother had the Bigfoot figure! So many battles and team up took place in our back yard. Once in a while GI Joes atomic man and bulletman would join the battles!

  7. Andre's Bigfoot was actually scary for this 9 year old when he attacked a military camp before coming face to face with Colonel Austin in that episode.
    Dave, could you possibly do an episode of Do You Remember? on the time that The Incredible Hulk battled an original monster on The Incredible Hulk TV show titled "The First"? It was about an old guy named Dale Frey who would turn into a tall, skinny but very evil hulk himself. Or the time David Banner got stuck halfway during transforming and couldn't turn back. I believe that episode was called "Prometheus". Two awesome late series episodes of that great show.

  8. I loved 6 million dollar man , hadn’t thought about that Bigfoot one in forty years. By the way I remember seeing tthat episode of Shazam the pretty lady was Isis , which had her own show, she may have been visiting Shazam, take that for trivia,, love going back in time. Saturday morning, no internet, no cell phone, Your narrative is very good.

  9. God, this was one of the BIGGEST events of the decade! I loved the Six million Dollar man! Lee majors was the coolest plus he was married to Farrah Fawcett! I sure remember Dynamite magazine! Universal had a whole bunch of bionic man attractions like the rotating cave and we all got to pick up a van like we had bionic parts! I had the Steve Austin action figure and desperetly wanted the action figure too. Sadly, never got it either. I can't believe you also mentioned Bigfoot and Wildboy! I used to love watching that one when I was a kid. This video took me back! Thanks so much! I've been meaning to do a video on this show for my channel for the longest time but I doubt I can top this one!

  10. Bigfoot, the venus probe, seven million dollar man, bionic woman, those we so memorable I even remember I had a six million dollar man lunch box complete with mug. sigh … good times.

  11. The Six Million Dollar Man was absolutely my favorite show. The intro to the show is still the best ever πŸ‘. I never missed an episode. In fact I loved it so much I had to buy the collectors set of every episode when they came out a few years ago

  12. There is an episode of TSMDM (Christmas Episode) where Steve Austin goes into a toy store to buy some kids some toys, when paying, in the background is an "Easter Egg" – it is a SMDM action figure. Lol, in that scene, he had a look of stress on his face…I guess they were not selling…lol

  13. Thankfully there's still reruns/repeats of The Six Million Dollar Man on TV in New Zealand. I've loved this US TV show since childhood! I'm so shocked that according to a search on Google of his age, Lee Majors is going to be eighty years old next year! I've always been reminded of King Kong whenever I've seen Bigfoot/Sasquatch on TV shows or images etc of it. Unfortunately Dave your upload was no exception! Like you in regard to Bigfoot, since childhood, King Kong ''scares the crap outta me .'' Thank you for another very enjoyable and very informative upload!

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Remember When The Six Million Dollar Man Met Bigfoot? (Video)

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