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  1. Welcome to Episode 5 of Paranormal News Today!  This week:  Mass Bee Drowning, Philippines Beach Carcass, Pink Water Plagues Two Continents and our new viewer suggested feature:  UFO Review.  We take the most credible MUFON reports from the past month and bring them to you, our faithful viewers, for your ocular entertainment.  As always, sound off about the episode below!  What do you think of the sightings?  Have you had one of your own?  Let us know!

  2. Faithful viewers:  Much to our chagrin there are some issues with the background music chosen for parts of the video.  To comply with YT policies, we have allowed them to mute it during portions of the episode.  PNT has already removed the piece(s) in question from our assets folder, and apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you!

  3. Another great video!
    I especially like the clip from Barrie…"It's not attached to a tower or anything?", "No, there's nothing there!"…."And it's not there any other night though." "I know, that's what I'm saying!"….I laughed so hard at that…but I do think that when I see clips of UFOs with the people swearing or yelling, it gives it more credibility that what they're seeing is genuinely unknown to them and may be frightening them, whether or not it's an actual alien UFO..I always want to know more about the strange things people are seeing. Thanks for the video! 🙂

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