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  1. Welcome back, Faithful Viewers!  In this week's weirdness we have a musical treasure, interspecies exchange with a brown bear, and an Illinois election decided by coin toss.

    Stay tuned after our current batch of outlandish oddities for our Monthly Review of the latest current MUFON ufo sightings from around the world.  This week PNT covers a mysterious orb caught on security cam in California, a trio of mysterious lights on the Isle of Man, Great Britain and finally stunning EXCLUSIVE NEW footage of a TR-3B Black Triangle UFO filmed on April 17th by a transit worker in Exmouth, Great Britain in the United Kingdom.  For several minutes the object moves slowly in the night sky, rotating slowly and hovering in place before finally ejecting a bright orb from the bottom of the triangular mother craft.  The new orb ufo then rotates around and with the larger craft before the film cuts off. 

    As always, thanks for watching and helping us grow!  Let us know what you think, feel, want to see… favorite haunted ice cream flavor… would you rather be eaten head first or feet first… whatever your thoughts, put it down below!

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Recent UFO Sightings 2017 : TR-3B UFOs Caught on Tape by UK Transit Worker (Video)

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