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  1. I would like to see more of the video, it seems that the lights could be headlamps. Also how did this investigator know to be in that field at that particular time on that day? I am not saying its a hoax I would love it to be something a little more mysterious and cool, just trying to stay skeptical so I don't lose good sense.

  2. I have heard that if you made a breakfast cereal out of the affected crops you could call it COCO CROPS, because eating It makes you telepathic, which leads to mental illness, because reading the thoughts of most people on this planet would make you crazy.LOL

  3. I hate how people say aliens aren't real and we can't prove it. Well we can't prove that they don't completely exist either. To quote agent K from men in black "500 years ago people knew the earth was flat". Right now we "know" aliens don't exist, until its proven that they do exist.

  4. Crop circles being made by ufo´s caught on camera ! No! What we have here is click bait of a few blurred lights at night followed by shots of crop circles in daylight. At no time do we see any UFO´s making crop circles. Contrary to what this idiotic presenter says there is plenty light to see well enough to make them in Summer in England. The jokers who made the circles will be at the pub the following evening exchanging knowing smiles. Crop circle making is almost a sport in Britain ! And long may it continue !

  5. As if 85% of the world's population was not already in more than enough misery trying to obtain food sufficient for their basic requirements and so suffer from malnutrition, these ETs or what ever or who ever is causing crop circles prove themselves irresponsible enough to destroy precious crops and thus further add to the misery of the almost starving billions. It is said that these circles are messages produced by ETs for the uplift of humanity. Crop circles have been produced for around two thousand years and the effort expended on their production in attempts to communicate with humans with uplifting messages from ETs have miserably failed, yet these ETs who are supposed to be a million years ahead of earth people in evolution continue in their ridiculous attempts at communicating and do not seem to have realized that all their efforts have been in vain.They must therefore be extremely short on understanding and contrary to the general assumption must be the dumbest entities in the universe thicker than thick . If they are advanced so far ahead of humans, then they could easily offer their messages in ordinary English or other earth language or even materialist as humans or office workers or others and interact and communicate to their heart's desire with humans.with the nonsensical messages as revealed in crop circles.

  6. you would need truck loads of lighting and ppl etc and still that would need high voltage and heat to make thousands of individual 6" intricate twists would take weeks to do….this was done within 4 hours.

  7. >Crop Circles
    >Created by Mothership

    Motherships (as the name implies) are most likely quite large, crop circles are most likely created by either scouts, or bored college students.

  8. Crop circles are made by:
    1- Remote controlled orbs belonging to mother spaceships.
    2- Jerks who pretend to imitate the complex designs of the real ones to debunk them, but they cannot!
    3- Smart guys who can use Adobe After Effects in an average level.

  9. Here is a simple test. Take one of the complex crop circles and let any group of people try to replicate the design in broad daylight. Offer a prize.
    I would bet that it couldn't be done. Any takers?

  10. My hypothesis is that a hyper advanced species is attempting to communicate with us by manipulating the crops through space-time. I believe that shifting or moving physical matter through time and space is very difficult and you need something very pliable to make an impression on. What better than the tall, thin reeds in crops that even the wind can move easily. Placing an impression on a field also offers a lot of space to make your mark and considerable height from the ground so as to calculate the coordinates on the "z" axis for your impression more easily and while allowing room for a small margin of error, while still being clearly visible. There is literally no better surface to make an inter space-time mark upon. As too what they're communicating; it's probably either incredibly complex equations for harnessing gravity, or creating wormholes or the like in they're utterly unfamiliar and undecipherable language; which is some form of illustration language system; where they communicate equations through symbols instead of numbers. Or it is a warning to the human race or perhaps it's just a couple of extraterrestrial kids messing around with the space time controls and "graffitiing" our planet, and these symbols are actually profanities in their language. Who knows.

  11. If it was people that done this, how many would it off taking to do all off this pattern work, in one night, with in what 3 to 4 hours off darkess max, would off taking a lot off people, to many to not go unotice. by local police and military police

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REAL UFOs Making Crop Circles Caught on Camera (Video)

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