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  1. First off if these creatures did exist, they wouldn't be half human and half fish. They would just be another species of Marine life with no hair, blubber texture for flesh like a dolphin, a tail like a manatee, sensor reflexes such as what whales have to call out to eachother and they may have limbs such as arms but that doesn't make them human. Its just another marine species

  2. Disney mafia agents seek Pro Mandlehoff. The Hawaii Research center/beach bar is a safe haven & is currently keeping his team refreshed with a steady supply of Jack Daniels & burgers

  3. Mermaids arent ugly i think ther beauitful i now ther out ther out ther they hide cuz they dont want to be botherd i think ther beauitfull i now they are out ther look at the writting on walls it shows all way back to A.D B.C. so they are real the goverment covers it up kust like aliens

  4. I forgot to say that I seened posiden in my huge mermaid picture. One day I woke up looked over and seened a merman hoding a fork in his hands I was scared at first I didnt know what to thank. Marletta retherford.

  5. we have contact with mermaid before. they can change the tail into human legs. mermaids can't die and they are luxurious beings. some are beautiful but some are ugly as fuck. this beings spread lust, dont get near them.

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Real mermaids from atlantis found and filmed by professor mandelhoff (Video)

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