Real Mermaids Caught on Tape – New discovery about this Footage You Need to See to Believe (Video)

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  1. True story, i was sleeping on the shore of a beautiful beach, how i got there i dont know, but what i do know is that nice warm feeling i felt coming from below.My eyes opened and took a minute to adjust on the head bobbing figure that was crouched between my legs. I kid you not for what i saw was a full blown mermaid sucking the hell out of my member. i was confused and appalled that this sea creature took the liberty to unzit me and have its way with me. I wanted to tell this freaky lil mermaid to stop, but i couldnt, my member refused me to and that mermaid got the load it was looking for and quickly went back into the sea from whence it came and i fell back weak and completely drained…true story ppl

  2. some people are out to lunch ! mermaids and Big foot are for lost souls who cant open their eyes to reality. what animal living in water its whole life has hair, eyelashes etc?. So So stupid to slightly believe in this garbage, If there was an intelligent species / hybrid human in the ocean we would have killed them by now just like everything else in our waters. and the Asians probley woulda eaten one on a sushi roll by now hahaha ! You think an intelligent species like a so called mermaid would never have contacted us and just let us run a muck destroying the oceans (their home) wake up idiots.

  3. In Atlantis the grays were genetically altering people, mixing two species together- (monsters that they are) they mixed human with fish (just one hybrid experiment of theirs. When Atlantis sunk- they were freed- they made it out alive because they were already living in the water.

  4. only less than 5 percent of the ocean is been explored the rest is undiscovered we know more about the moon and space than we do about the depths of the ocean who knows what truly lives at the deepest part of the ocean maybe not exactly like the video but something similar or more bizarre but never think you seen it all we are still learning new things everyday about our planet especially the ocean

  5. I believe there is more life in Heaven and on Earth and that YHWH, THROUGH has awesome, limitless power, and He is coming again. I believe in angels and I know that whatever our minds can conceive that the LORD has done that and more. The scriptures tell us that YESHUAHA'MASHIAC has told us Faith as small ,as a mustard seed can move mountains. I bear witness to this testimony , as I have been visited from the age of four and I had a.visitation in 2010.I am not afraid of TH e unknown, but the LORD that I love , He decides where my spirit goes. YESHUAHA'MASHIAC is a loving, merciful redeemed.

  6. Here is my take on the m word. The only way i see it possible for them to exist, is if the so called "greys" lived in the oceans and they developed some kind of swim suit and apparatus that allowed them to breath under water(if they cant already). I believe its possible for them to live under water and go undetected, but not probable. My 2 cents

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Real Mermaids Caught on Tape – New discovery about this Footage You Need to See to Believe (Video)

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