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  1. It's a little to impressionable , as far as producing a picture that would be viewed as non agrees I've and non offensive. Reminds me of an over hairy garden gnome without its hat. I also find the back story a little suspicious. There are several other comments that point to the fact that it's an old photo being recirculated. We could only hope that a homonid species still existing in our unclaimed lands, would be so pleasant looking.

  2. I'm sure Harry's description was based off of an actual Sasquatch,,, to me movies that are made seem to always be made for preparing "us citizens" about what willl come to pass,,, just my logic

  3. that was not a stump or overturned tree. if thats a bigfoot or a hoax i don't know. it did not look anything like what iv'e seen, but that's not surprising. they didn't look much like each other either.

  4. There's another one. Look between the the 2 trees that where the elder Bigfoot is standing. In the bushes behind the elder, you can see a dark black fiqure standing in the bushes.

  5. If you look between it's face and the tree there's another one and top right of its head thers two more on the close up. I know what parodolia is and it's not that.

  6. I focused on the pine tree. Notice how the base of the tree has broadened out? They only do that close to the ground. The so-called creature has no legs. Looks hoaxed to me. Maybe it's a cardboard Harry of the Hendersons.

  7. He could have been taking a picture before, luck shot. Looks like it could be legit! Something no one has ever said about NASA footage. Keep it real and be safe

  8. A lot of people call hoax when the picture is too clear (why is it so clear if he took it from a moving train?)or if it's too blurry (oh how convenient : the camera goes out of focus just as there is a close up).A lot of people call hoax when the alleged Bigfoot doesn't look like what "they think " one should look like.If this is a hoax they could have used a much more common looking BF–Dark color or maybe reddish Brown hair.I don't know what this is ;maybe mistaken identity, but if it is a hoax, it's so bad it's good.

  9. Definitely No stump!!!! In My opinion, that’s an Older Bigfoot!! Look at his grey hair!!! This pic just seems too good to be true though…

  10. It's just a shame that so many hoaxers have destroyed all the credibility of every single video and picture.Not a single one can ever be claimed real even if they are no doubt as real as the sun and sky.
    I have my opinions on all the videos I see but it means nothing.Because all the damn hoaxers have destroyed all credibility unfortunately

  11. Unknown …… I'd be more curious about the type of "camera" and the settings to capture this image. IF this taken from a moving train, I'd expect to see movement blur on all the trees, not just those on the left. The image pf the bigfoot appears to be in focus and well defined. The history of photographed bigfoot hasn't been blessed with clear images of bigfoot sightings past. So is this image a 'real bigfoot'? I'd have to go with "Unlikely"

  12. I've seen one, had two guys with me, middle of nowhere….within ten yards….this isn't the face I saw, but who knows…I'm no expert, but there is something out there, rip your head right off.

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REAL BIGFOOT PHOTO!! – Train Passenger Takes a Quick Photo of “Real Sasquatch” (Video)

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