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  1. I believe in the Sasquatch/Yeti/Yowie/Orang Pendek/Yeren. As for the photo, it doesn't look 'shopped, or if it is, its really well done. If you look at the motion blur, it is cast equally along the entire photo. As for the bigfoot in the photo, I'm not 100% sure. While the motion blur makes it hard to tell, it does appear to be largely covered in hair, save for the face (like an ape would be). Its face does remind me of a gorilla to an extent, but, that kind of effect wouldn't be that hard to achieve with makeup. However, fur on suit wouldn't look that defined around the shoulders, and wouldn't taper down around the neck like it does. So, as for the photo itself, its real. I believe Bigfoot is real as well, however the Bigfoot in the photo I cant say for certain, largely because of the quality of the photo. I will say though, if it is a costume, its the best looking costume I've seen yet.

  2. it was part of a video made during a bbc documentary where a camera guys gets attacks, not sure if real though personal opinion is that the ape and hunter (who accompanied the camera dude and is a known hoaxer) is a fake and the camera dude had no part of it and was a victim but could be wrong, don't know true details but this picture is from the said documenty for sure

  3. I'm convinced of one damn thing for sure; the pictures of bigfoot aren't blurry, rather, bigfoot himself is blurry. That's the only possible damn explanation as to why the every damn picture ever taken of a damn bigfoot is always so damn blurry, DAMN IT!!

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Real Bigfoot Captured on Camera 2014 (BIGFOOT EVIDENCE) (Video)

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