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  1. Some of these photos are potentially real images of EBE's. Definitely the majority are however fake. The one with the military guy posing over the burned body is likely real. I watched a documentary a while back where he -and others who worked in the hospital as doctors etc where they were taken to, testified that they were retrieved at a UFO crash site and taken to the local hospital, shortly before high ranking military officials arrived and removed them.

  2. Some of these pictures could be of real creatures, but they are not alien. They are the result of sinister and cruel experiments and projects, if they can even be called that, made by mankind and not by anything from another planet in space or whatever. The type of technology used is not available to the general public, including the scientists of the general public. So long as people believe in common scientific theories about matter, it is virtually impossible to comprehend any of the secret technology, even if it is told. Ask if you want to, but you'll be one in 10 million if you get it.

  3. I do believe in alien life, but never believe anything you find on youtube! 99% fake. It's fully possible to sculpt really realistic characters in wax and fake an alien video. But some people are dumb enogh to believe anything…

    And how come they all look the same?! Don't you find that a bit strange!

  4. I think two analyses are warranted here.

    1. These creatures are inter-dimensional and evil – I base this accusation on the assertion of secrecy. These beings do NOT do their bidding in the open or communicate openly, they do not cure ailments and they (if they're here, Iv'e seen a UFO up close so I know something is) do not operate in the light of day.
    2. If these 'beings' have been here for a millennia what is their ultimate agenda? Why allow us to exist at all, unless they are, indeed, energy leeches, or even worse using use for genetic material – or worse are instead glorifying Satan's ideals and kingdom.

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