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  1. Mavi777 is my absolute favorite canal unlike the fake channel iufosightings of his fake Ufo Sichtungen in a fraudulent way, also documented. Such channels such as iufosightings damage only the Ufo community!! I wrote this also in the comments in the comments, because I think this is a reliability (this text has been translated with translatate)

  2. A planet does not just vanish, my theory is that it’s a projection. If it were a planet, it would have to orbit around the sun like all the other planets, it would be easily visible by telescopes, and we would have many images of it. Project blue beam is something the government has been working on for years, and I’m sure they have technology that we will never know about.

  3. Mavi, anytime you need a video, you don't have to ask, you can use it, nice job on the other one, alot of strange things happening lately in the skies

  4. Was not the moon. Las night in my city we saw that same thing again and it again is right across from the moon. The Sky’z were strange during day n i recorded these wave clouds n then the night sky was jus incredible thousands of waves n rays u would see as of late from the sun that divide the Sky’z. So i followed it to get some city lights to help laminate Sky’z for recording as the Sky’z were literally the deepest darkest blue I’d ever seen n then this grey blue wave pattern. Then guess what happens today!! Been raining alll night. Happy Halloween 🎃 n suddenly it’s abt 55f lol been freezing n raining almost everyday since light pulse oct 3rd. Uploading these vids now……They’re BACCCCCK!! 👀😱

  5. Whole thing is made by humans that Planet and other UFO, Human being knows it, But after all not everyone can handle this information, or somebody can get advantage of such technology. After all human tendency is hiding always whatever is precious.

  6. Clouds over Doyle, California were certainly insanely beautiful. And he reminds me of myself with his remarks lol

    Great selection of videos for sure! Just get a crazier by the day, peace to all.

    Thanks Mavi 777

  7. Byrd Mann) Yeah, sure. Another planet.
    Just like that. No warning.
    No alerts from scientists.
    Nothing on the news.
    Btw, where was this
    magical planet the next
    day? Or night?
    Why didn't you get some video
    then, Mann?
    Russia) Balloon. Deflating.
    California) Clouds. Big deal.
    Florida) I think it is a kite.
    A weird kite, but still…
    Mexico) Man made inflatable
    something. What, no clue.
    Santa Anita/ Pennsylvania) Which?!?
    Searchlights on clouds. Ho hum.
    Germany) Hot air balloon.

  8. At 4:55 looks like a sperm. 8:52, what's with the ground? Singular things standing up, alone out in the fields? The city is property line but what is carved into the land that borders it? Even looks like an arrow pointing to those large bldg's on right. Just curious observation.

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Real a Portal was spotted in the sky over New Jersey,NY! Oct 24,2018 (Video)

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