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  1. @scraffy123 I am not judging. I am fascinated with this phenomena, I just think its skeptical that a mass that was that large and that low to the ground that of all the sitings no one saw more than lights and blackness. no craft? only lights? hmmmmm?

  2. what blows my mind is out of all the people that saw these lights that took pics and video footage, not ONE single person have a night vision setting to make out what the lights were attached to….

  3. Hit the jackpot with Open Minds IUFOC & this stellar event in Phoenix this year. Wish there were more. And kudos to Dr. K. for keeping the Phoenix Lights in the spot light.

  4. Interesting! At this point, I am happy to see anything about UFOs without that white/wild-haired doctor lady in it! She really reminds me of the spokesperson for the "Eve" baby clone in the 1990s. I know it is wrong to judge people by their appearances, but something about her besides that inappropriate hair doesn't sit right with me. Good luck with the movie!

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Phoenix Lights UFO Documentary Screening (Video)

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