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  1. You have such an amazing opportunity to focus on excellent pictures of them….pls Marc…I love what you do …..need more time stamp opportunities! please pause longer, cuz they are right there!

  2. The tree on the ground was damaged by a woodpecker disguised as a 1200 lb. monkey man . It also could have been caused by the wind as everything else in these videos . NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be careful out there Marc. Thanks .

  3. I see 48 comments..well mine makes 49…Elmo and I have been in more then one spot like this that we have noticed no animals in the area…we will spend hours in an area and not hear or see anything…..You will have us looking over our shoulder all the time….We mess around on the Continental Divide…I bet they love it up there…….eeeeeek……

  4. Music was a awesome start…be awesome to bring them a book of different tee pees and cabins…see if they build some more impressive tee pees…love all video's….mm/……

  5. I love all of the structure that you continue to find. I am convinced that you will only see a bigfoot if they want you to see them. That being said I cannot believe that you don't have more direct interaction with Bigfoot, friendly, aggressive, wood knocks, chirps-yells-etc.

  6. Man I wish I could show you that place my dad found…….seriously would be confidential I don't want the location to be disclosed I'm not kidding Colorado…..I want answers about this place my dad had a real crazy experience and will not go back alone and that says alot specially from him.

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