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  1. That's fine if he wants to show it direct from the camera->monitor to show that nothing was modified, but it is not making a good case for it if people can't see the actual video. We'll need a digital copy to further analyze it but great video nonetheless. Any other additional info would also be great. Unfortunately I think due to his setup it's probably better for him to send the tape to someone like Bruce Maccabbee to be perused (not to say there isn't something there, but that he could give more break down in details like size etc).

  2. Secure team ๐Ÿ‘ฝ needs to talk to the owner of this video… this is one of the best videos ive seen. Im always searching for ufo videos

  3. At first glance I thought this was just a helium balloon hoax using a lightweight octagonal model with the balloons stuffed inside of it. But, then I realized that the object ascends into the overhead cloud layer much too rapidly to be a balloon model. Then around time 1:45 we see TWO of them! As one studies the second ET UFO that shows up in the lower right side of the frame, it's obvious that it is leaving a luminous plasma trail behind it as it flies along and that is an indicator that plasmadynamic propulsion was being used and that the craft needed to be completely massless when airborne. There is also a noticeable trail on the first craft at the upper left hand side of the frame.

    We are seeing the bottom hulls of both of the octagonal shaped hulls in this genuine video and they appear unusually dark. While the camera was probably pointed almost straight up at the two craft, the Sun was not quite in the frame with them. That could have caused the camera's automatic exposure system to close the lens aperture down to prevent overexposure and that would then have made any shadows in the images, such as those of the two crafts' hull bottoms and the bottoms of the clouds, appear much darker then they would have if the Sun was in a different part of the sky and closer to the horizon. A similar effect is noticeable in the Polaroid photos that Rex Heflin snapped of the ET craft he spotted in 1965. The scene outside of his van is properly exposed, but the interior surfaces of the van are underexposed and appear almost black. If it had not been for the lucky chance of this happening, then the luminous plasma trails of the two craft might not have been made visible!

    Noticeably octagonal shaped ET UFOs are a rarity and are a subtype of the "polygonal" shaped ET UFO hull. Rather than trying to form the craft's hull from a single large piece of metal, the ETs who construct these types of craft have decided to use a simpler method in which they make each of the eight sections of the hull separately and then, during the final stage of assembly, they fit them all together and then bolt or weld them to each other to form a single octagonal hull. This is sort of like making and baking eight slices of pizza separately and then placing them all into a box so they form the complete pie with no separations between the slices instead of trying to make the entire pizza pie at once and then baking it. Most likely, some of the first human made massless aircraft will use a similar construction method.

    Once again, Mauricio, you have found a very unusual and, most importantly, genuine ET UFO video for us to study. It is short in duration, but contains much valuable information.

    (All this talk of pizza is starting to make my stomach growl! Time for a meal.)

  4. Conspiracy Science. Remember Project Blue Beam. You will find YT clips showing Jesus & Crucifixes, Cities in the Sky (e.g. China), UFOs, etc. Serge Monast (RIP) warned about this (Psy-Op) and other things related to (and within the framework of) the Report from Iron Mountain (plan to bring about the NWO). It is said that Monast was "neutralized" because he got too close to the target. As you know, our beloved Jesuit Pope (supporter of the NWO) recently announced that he is retiring. Thus, the UFO-ET theme is emblematic to convince people to change religion: A One World Religion.

  5. It sure seems like the Mexican community has a lot of sightings. I donโ€™t know if thatโ€™s because there is more ufo activity down in mexico or if itโ€™s because there are more people who pay attention to the skyโ€™s in Mexico. It seems like the subject is way less taboo down there. Same goes for South America too. I think Americans have been brainwashed into thinking someone is crazy if they say they saw a ufo. We need to change that!

  6. Thanks ! According to "trustworthy friends" of mine (from childhood), some of these are gov-made. We must remember that many of the scientists working for the National Socialist Party were well advanced in this area (allegedly thanks to "people from other worlds"). This Know How saved them from the Neuremberg Trials by The Victors. Finally, we must never forget that Admiral Byrd (RIP) related, in on of his diaries, a "funny" encounter with some of them in Antarctica. Message to take home: UFO for sure, but of ET, Homo sapiens s or both origin. Check the latest Podcasts by the Dark Journalist channel (Series X = ET-UFO, Tesla, Trump, JFK, etc).

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