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  1. genuine,excellent. the truth is since day one this is their home,their atmosphere,they live and propergate here, the earth is a staging post for many entitys, most are not solid in our terms,some are. allorganic life comes from ufo shit,that they been shiting on us since day one.love the vid.MORE PLEASE.

  2. those are American Clown felonious craft. They are FLEEING Mexico under cloak of the progenitors of Bluebeam. There has been a SEA of Bluebeam cloaking satellites up there for decades. They cloak like in Star Trek AND hide behind plain as day holograms. That is also what is happening in California.

  3. I was at the Zocolo around 7 P.M. on the same night as your video. My wife and I also saw some strange things in the sky that night. That is what led me to search on youtube for UFOs on this date in CDMX. Thank you for posting. I was unable to get my camera ready in time to capture what we saw.

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Nonstop multiple UFO sightings captured over Mexico city.3.01.2018. (Video)

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