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  1. If UFO's wanted to trick people , they would simply put one red and one blue flashing light on each side of the craft like EVERY one of our non military aircrafts! Because everyone who has seen a strange light in the sky would immediately dismiss it if it had 2 simple blinking blue n red lights Lmao They can conquer interstellar travel , but aren't intelligent enough to figure that out ? The only answer is THEY WANT TO BE SEEN

  2. I'm just glad you stayed hidden behind that branch or you may have been abducted and all this great evidence would have been deleted…do you think aliens know how to use smartphones ???

  3. It does seem strange that a city with a population of well over 100,000 that this video is the only mention of strange lights in the sky, not impossible but rather odd.

  4. Nah, It's drones. He's just set his camera to Low Resolution with High Contrast and Florescent Effect settings while toning down the brightness. In other words a Hoax.

  5. If you listen closely and you've watched enough UFO video's you would realize that those bird's chirping are in A LOT of videos. I'm not saying this is fake but i am saying the birds chirping is. I also watch a lot of this channel and of Secure Team.. They are as different as night and day.. I feel us UFO believers should support all UFO channel's. Not cool of you.. Just my opinion

  6. Good footage. If it's fake, it's a good one, fella knows his job.

    Edit: People say it's spotlights. Given the foggy/wet weather you should see light shafts leading down to wherever the spotlight is. I see none.
    Edit2: Some people wonder why he stays behind the tree. Most likely he doesn't stand directly on the street as you automatically assume. Given the elevation, it is probable he's on his balcony, in which case his movement is restricted. Either way this doesn't take away from legitimacy, since editing the interloping of the objects with branches would be a pain in the ass, and is easily mitigated by choosing a clear shot.

  7. This are not ufo someone using Big Flashing light from the ground !This 3 light moving in this same time as normal to light Projektor !This are just joke !

  8. But of course, if you see 5 UFO's, you stay behind the bushes, so that the branches can obscure the view during you're whole filming … Faaaaaaake. Big thumbs down, uforbs

  9. Poor video quality if that was real he wouldave gone closer for a propper look not just sit there like a lemon. the way they moves where like quad drones……..

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