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  1. Where do you see a Bigfoot???? Pause it and look good. Does Bigfoot have the head of a giant Dog….. No so obviously it is a Dogman Werewolf whatever you wanna call it……….

  2. Oh wow, a black bear playing with a goldminers pan and 3 pixelated, wishful thinking shadows or breaks in the bushes. Yea totally convincing. Hahahahaha! You people are a joke

  3. sorry but it's just way to fantastic to think that someone is going to just happen across a (Bigfoot doing her dishes) in the river with three more waiting in the distance lol

  4. First of all if MK Davis is involved in any way that negates any attempt at credibility. It's automatically a hoax. When will the BS about BF stop? As long as people like him and others seek attention like mentally ill children we'll have this shit on the WEB and else where. Pathetic!

  5. If anyone ever REALLY encounters a bigfoot or something similar, you best be running balls deep into that thing filming the whole time. Let your friends recover the camera and make you famous.Β  Better yet, film somebody trying to tackle and take it down, Β then lets enjoy watching a bigfoot video. These shaky, blurry 50 foot videos are for the birds!!

  6. Whether it is a pan or towel is of no matter. What is fascinating to me is that this does look authentic.
    Prospectors, miners and campers have reported their camps raided for as long back as people have reported these events. Sasquatch / Bigfoot people find use in our gear. This footage does not surprise me. Infact I am pleased to see human items being used and caught on film.

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NEW Bigfoot Footage At Bluff Creek California USA 2015 (Video)

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