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  1. All 3 of them are painfully aware that they are full of shit, as much as they want to believe they're so awkward when listening to eachothers. EVERY picture is fucking literally NOTHING. This is pitiful, I feel sorry for you guys…. you're making shit up in your minds….

  2. Game cameras are useful to see what IS eating the material…….maybe NOT what's eating the material. Used sporadically, they can catch what's poking around and what's not. If one is studying a regular spot it's important to rule out raccoons, rodents etc……if none of the utensils are touched when the game cameras are mounted, THEN remove them and see if the food is consumed.

  3. If we close our mind to other, "Cryptic Beings" then we are just criticizing ourselves into believing in the existance of BigFoot! How can we say we don't believe in Dog Man when we believe in BigFoot? Just because we haven't seen a, "Dog Man" doesn't mean it doesn't exist? Right? Just like Ghost, and Aliens.
    As a matter of fact, I believe in God, I go to Church, read the Bible, and I pray daily too.
    But I've never seen him with my own eyes!! Just saying!!

  4. Fantastic show …. ThankYou you both for sharing this very interesting and educational program to help folks become aware of the creatures who share our world . I'm new to your channel and I subscribed to it and am looking forward to watching the other shows I haven't seen and the new ones coming up …See ya' soon 🙂

  5. Love your show, keep it up, your doing a great job. We have had activity off and on for the last 20 years since we moved here to Ohio from Florida, eyewitness, wood knocks, etc., I don't sense that they are any danger at all.

  6. I believe you need to outline all the faces, and put dots for the center of their eyes. I looked at one picture 10 times, and still had great difficulty making it out. Thanks.

  7. Nothing wrong with the production, for me. I discovered the first episode when it was posted and have watched each one since, and look forward to more. By the way, Kerry (hope I'm spelling correctly) I just listened to your interview with Wes on Sasquatch Chronicles (just dumb luck that it was yours, since the title does not allude to who is being interviewed: Episode 444: "Hunter has intense encounter") and it was nice to hear your story, since I enjoy Bigfoot Odyssey. Please continue to bring us more, you and Linda are doing a great job, IMO. Thanks

  8. Hey Kerry. I was listening to one of the podcast episodes of Wes from Sasquatch Chronicles. Anyway, I thought about your interview with Richard Borchart, when he mentioned hearing a baby crying. This particular episode Wes had a Lady, Connie sharing everything I've ever heard from the several stories I've listened to this Lady and her family heard, experienced, saw it all over the several Years they moved to the North West part of the Country. She sent clips of audio of what sounded exactly like a newborn baby crying.  Also,  she was talking about every night around dusk she would go outside and call for their dog,  and a couple of weeks later around dusk she went outside and started calling for their dog (I forgot the dogs name.) so let's say Shelby. She said every time she called for their dog, Shelby someone or something would mock her but whatever it was sounded just like her own voice. She said she was absolutely petrified, to say the least. She also mentioned one day she was outside and she heard her Husband call for her. She just assumed he had come home early and went around the house expecting to see him, but his truck wasn't in the driveway and she called him and he was at work. I would have to say her story is probably the most intriguing I've ever heard. I'm just telling you a couple of things' she told Wes. You and Linda have GOT TO listen to this particular episode if you haven't already.  Okay,  well, I'm probably going to workup the nerve to  shoot you an email about something I've kept to myself, because I, for one the very first time I ever knew such thing as a podcast existed on the Internet was when I came across yours and questioned why no pictures or video? LOL
    Remember? Anyway, as I mentioned before if you haven't already listened to Wes' interview with Connie, it's definitely without a doubt worth listening to and the main reason Im mentioning it to you is so that you can pass it on to Richard. Sorry for rambling on. Hi to Linda and you guys take care! 
    Later, Robin 🏈Go Georgia Bulldawgs!! 🏈

  9. How can you expect production to be top notch. This isn't a major network with millions to spend. They did awesome for what they had. Good job guys I loved it!

  10. You do have the best BigFoot channel. It's all about the people!! Your all down to earth. This particular channel is unique in your way of listening, and not judging. You should start asking for donations . Anyways, Kerry do you have an email or some way I can send you something .

  11. Bigfoot Odyssey,hi, look, no offence intended but it's just that wearing the hat indoors makes your face nearly invisible and I find that a bit oddApart from that I like the originality of what you're doing.

  12. What part of Florida is this? I live in Winter Haven & had some activity here 2 yrs ago. Thank you for sharing the video!!🙏🏼

    God bless ✝️


  13. I am over 65 and went down the same lane as your guest, I just knew from a young age that there had to be more than one out there. I always thought that since the patty film, etc. I was surprised when you said everyone thinks there is just one. I always thought that there are groups everywhere. I had one look in my bedroom window at me when I was young in Colorado and so I knew there was moreout there when the news of Patty, Yetis and all like that started being made public. Thanks for the videe.

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