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  1. The TRUTH about ufo from the BRITISH GOV'T what TOTAL BULLSHIT. I bet you $1million that this is only what doesn't matter to anyone. The British gov't is a shill for the ILLUMINATI SATAN WORSHIPING SKUM BAGS

  2. When I was on vacation in Gloucester U.K. in 2008 I was with a bunch of people who witnessed a large metallic green disc at least 100ft across hovering silently & stationary above a field.  It then suddenly shot up & away so fast that there can only be two possible explanations. Either it was extra-terrestrial or somebody got some technology we don't know exists.

  3. Let me tell you why the British MOD did not react; because they know exactly what these things are. Otherwise, if they truly did not know what these UFOs were they would have reacted. The MOD knows that these UFO are simple holograms created by the US to create a perceived threat that is absolutely nothing more that a holographic image. It is like your child telling you that he or she saw a monster in their room at night…because you know different you do not react. Otherwise, you would surely take action if you thought for one moment that your child was really in any danger. Same with the MOD, they know there is absolutely no threat from a holographic image floating in the sky. Why do you think these UFOs have the capability to just vanish in thin air…because they are created out of thin air…nothing but a holographic image that was designed to test people's fear.

  4. You would think that governments would want to keep their citizens and countries safe, so why are pilots threatening their own careers by reporting incidents in the sky?

    I’m more apt to believe reports by pilots because of their experience and training, so if they see something then it should be taken seriously and investigated. What harm could that cause?

  5. HEALER Bacterium
    Most of these Orbs that are being called UFO'S are Highly Evolved Air born Light Emitting Bio Luminescent Real Bacterium. Better known as HEALER Bacterium, they can take any shape or form and colour and also turn off and on in defence or to attract. They can move and stop at incredible speeds, it understood that they are capable of mimicking your thoughts, in other words letting you see what you want to see, but. believed to be not dangerous to Humans.

  6. Not new. Not from the BBC. Nice clickbait, assclown. Putting the same episode twice doesn't make it better. It makes you douchier.

  7. Nick Pope said he didn't believe any of the cases his dept looked at were ufo's .. until his dept closed lmao ..now he's a ufologist?!?!

  8. I just wunder why they keep up with the lies…. we want to know – why not talk to them and use our energi exploring space instead of killing each other on Earth……..🙄

  9. The sighting over the Pennines was another aircraft. I saw it and could say exactly where and when it happened. It was a lot easier to assert it was a UFO than to try to explain how two aircraft nearly collided!

  10. typical bbc bollox. Same old storys. Self styled radar expert who has never heard of stealth. Look up at the sky and if you are lucky, you might just see something.If you want the truth, look up "" the unacknowledged 2017" and if you want to know how the bbc work, look up, "The house of Windssor and the NWO." Get some enlightenment..

  11. BBC BBC! Then you see National Geographic in the corner. What an idiot. BBC is British Broadcasting Corporation not National Geographic. One is produced in USA the other is produced in UK. Big big difference.

  12. Why all the silly music and half lit faces. If your going to seriously investigate this subject do so on a clear less dramatic manner. Shame as the content seems to have some serious thought behind it

  13. Please read "the Uninvited" Clive Harold A true account, 1979. Stack Rocks Wales UK.  We are all seeded from the 'aliens' from millions of years ago, they visit us regularly.  Now AI is proving it!

  14. An interesting documentary but it was marred by silly, melodramatic "X-file" nonsense and the predictable presence of Pope and Clark who seem to have fooled the world into believing that they are THE experts on the phenomena.

  15. i have done a lot of research and have come to believe the aliens are coming here for one thing,cheetos.yes cheetos,the crunchy kind.

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