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  1. Way to go!
    Message sent.
    Message received.
    Not everyone can accept the truth. Those that can applaud you. Your already successful in my book!
    Keep sharing the message, some will hear. The howler got the message also. Let him scream, he already knows who wins. Keep having fun!

  2. Hey people, NAVAJO COPS IS STILL BEING MADE but on a different channel. On Adia EmpireLyrical .. so check it out.. We also made a facebook page. Like to be updated on upcoming video. Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. Finest acting I've seen in a while! But you should have let him ride in the truck instead of making him run the whole way! Β πŸ™‚

  4. Horrible acting, and are you even old enough to drive, and should you be rolling around with that gun. Not being to safe. It is plain reckless. I hope your parents keep a better eye on you guys. Thank you for the video, but wish you careful and just be safe. You all are way to young for some stupid accident, and accidents happen. SO PLEASE BE SAFE!!!!

  5. they show how you shouldn't fear skinwalkers and other wicked things because our god is stronger, i wonder if the people that have been attacked and scared would agree with you????

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Navajo Cops- The Howler (Video)

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