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  1. I remember the flight of Gemini 7 reporting this after it's first orbit.I was really interested in this flight because of it's joint flight of Gemini 6.Gemini 6 lost it's mission when the Agena rocket failed to achieve orbit in October.They thought they could have time to set Gemini 6 back up and launch it to rendezvous with 7 since it was a 14 day flight..The question was asked by a reporter and his answer was that they did report an unidentified object but no explanation was given.

  2. Dark energy could be used to build a warp drive. There are 4 forces in the universe: electromagnetism, the strong force, the weak force, and gravity. Dark energy is causing the universe to expand, leading some scientists to believe it harbors a 5th force: ANTIGRAVITY! if we learn how to control dark energy, we can control anti gravity. Gravity warps space and time, so this would allow the pilot to warp space, pulling there destination to them faster than the speed of light!

  3. I believe the term UFO should come to an end since some tend to also largely shoot right out of ocean depths meaning they don't only "fly". Objects Far Beyond Comprehension (OFBC) would seem much better to address this acknowledgement.

  4. I doubt it can be space junk considering the size of this planet by comparison. There's seems to be no reason for me to doubt there can be visitors from even other galaxies that are able to teleport from one to the other in a near instant regardless of how very chaotic space is, especially if they understand how to temporarily be projected as "dark matter". I prefer not to ridicule anybody as not to be arrogant and as to keep learning what might be important to know.

  5. 1965? There wasn't much "junk" or anything else up there back in those early days of space flight. Even Secret USSR stuff was mostly recognizable IF we happened to spot it. Our spy system was good enough to at least know what Soviet stuff looked like if we saw it. I'm a skeptic when it comes to "Aliens" and such but some things are too weird to ignore…

  6. They never address it because it is the booster. Gemini 4 was around, in varying distances, their booster for much of the 4 days of their mission. This video interjects dialogue that doesn't mean what some nerd from the 21st thinks it means. Gemini 7 referred to Gemini 6 as a bogey to Capcom when they rendevouzed. Just because something doesn't make sense immediately doesn't mean it is a UFO.

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NASA UFO Sightings – Gemini 4 & 7 (Video)

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