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  1. The video where its a farm and the person with camera is driving a blue tractor. Forget looking at the UFO, relax your eyes, around and among the grass, the bushes and trees… Those are the dead, raised by Jesus Christ in these last moments before his return. . . Look at the shapes.

  2. The guy is right it is UFO's that are ether the gov or demons. We live in a fallen world satan is present more than I have seen in all my years on this earth. Repent to God and ask for forgiveness and put your faith in Jesus Christ that he died for your sins on the cross for your sins. Put your faith in the Holy Trinity God the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit and you will be saved forever.

  3. Um, as someone who has lived in the SF Bay Area most of her life, those clouds are a common sight – it's fog right off the coast. Very common. Not weird, and not related to ufos

  4. Good morning Mavi 777 from Astoria "Queens" New York.

    The other day I pasted on your comments thread on another video of yours several unexplainable extroidinary phenomena by way of still photos I have personally taken from the viewpoint of my 5th floor bedroom window which faces New York's Skyline over the East River. I have also pasted on video recordings I took at the same time I was snapping still photos.
    Unfortunately all I have to record and document what I've been seeing is my Samsung galaxy cell phone, if only I had a night vision scope and better zooming capabilities…nevertheless still what I have been able to document is "out of this World" pun intended.

    I haven't heard from you as I was hoping you would have been excited and even anxious to reach out to me to show you MORE… bc I do have more, much more as I began seeing this activity since the beginning of the New Year in January 2018 until now and it happens quite often.

    I do hope you will check out some of the video footage I've captured and posted to share publicly on my YouTube channel which is simply my name…as well as invited you to check all my still photographs on my Facebook page which again I share publicly and is again, my name.

    I will paste here again on this thread just a couple so you understand the quality of what I have is real.

    The first video I will paste on is what I believe to be a UFO (black unidentifiable air craft travelling at mock speeds across the open sky daytime) in this same video there is also an Orb. My still photos I snapped simultaneously while recording shows a small face within this tiny orb, incredible to fathom.

    * at regular recording speed


    * slowed down speed

    * I will paste on the still pics that go with this video which show the black unidentified craft as well as the orb. The date & time should be on the information but this was months ago.

    Still pic of black unidentifiable air craft travelling at mock speeds across the open sky.

    Still pic of the orb from same video we started on.
    ****I forgot to mention… did you happen to notice the little odd creature in the video in the lower left corner?
    I got a still of him as well….

    And Here (enlargement a bit blurry)

    * Next, I had recent activity at night on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 same view from out my 5th floor bedroom window in the sky over top the East River on the Manhattan side..
    This is a video with 4-5 brightly lit sphere-like objects in a multitude of colors and some just appeared white, but it's what's inside of them that's incredible…..faces! People's faces! Have never seen the bodies ….just faces.

    Besides the 4-5 sphere-like objects moving about the sky… there were 2 holograms on either side of the sky… one at one end of NY City and one at the other…. these were far away from my window and there for cannot be confused as a television reflection or such! Besides they "flickered" and moved independently.
    Lastly, closer to Queens on my side of the River not too far from my bedroom window appeared a long tubular object from the sky down. This "tube" had what appeared as brightly lit Windows on all sides and the entire object put on a light show by illuminating in bright white light and then red tones and the flickering seem to be in a pattern ….almost like Morse code. ?


    *of course I snapped stills of this as well…. and at one point the tubular object was not visable any longer in stills and in its place instead in a tubular shape was face on top of face on top of face in a tubular pattern climbing up toward whatever was up there.
    One of my stills shows a craft that below it had an extension rod and at the bottom of that rod was what appeared as a suction cup…. for extractions?

    *Again, while taking the video I always snap still photos and I will paste these on as well so you can see exactly what I'm describing.




    Tubular object

    At the same time this creature appeared in the sky

    Close up…

    Over top The tubular object was "something" it had a rod with a suction cup attatched…

    This giant "hologram" appeared on left side of sky (this is an enlargement as it was further away & a second hologram was visable on right side of the sky)





    In this still you can see how huge this hologram was and how it filled the sky!

    Red n white sphere-like object moved across the open sky

    White sphere-like object moving across the open sky


    All of these showed this night 11/21/18




    2nd Hologram on right side…I took Still photos


    I mentioned once the tubular object disappeared there were faces on top of faces on top of faces in the shape of the tubular object





    Sphere-like object below n hologram above


    See how high in the sky all of this was






    The picture on the holograms changed as if a communication was taking place?


    Right side 2nd hologram as it looked in the sky





    Once again….look how far from my home…my 5th floor bedroom window this was all happening







    Lastly these are the clearest still photos I could get of the craft with rod extension and suction cup thing








    Mavi 777… I am done (but I have so much more) but I am exhausted and put a lot of effort into sharing this with you. It is my hope , my desire that you have better equipment to break down what I've shared with you…. I welcome you to thoroughly scrutinize everything, please.
    We the people of the United States deserve it.
    And God bless us; EVERYONE


    I sent the footage from Wednesday night 11/21/18 to my dearest friend in Germany, KittyPuh who used her computer to slow it down and show it from a new perspective. She is the One who also helped me slow down my other video of orb and black unidentifiable air craft. She helps me with all my sightings as I do not own a computer and only have my cellphone.


    More still photos pulled up from Weds night's sky event Over NYC East River 11/21/18






    Enlargement of UFO 11/21/18 over NYC East River

    Looks like a CAPSULE

    In another font…looks like just a computer board inside CAPSULE?


    Don't know what this could mean, but it was in the sky this night in still photos taken from the video


  5. Everyones been seeing a lot going on in the sky and while I really want it to be aliens I'm getting this false flag feeling. While everyone is looking up they'll miss whats going on right in front of their faces.

  6. I took some odd pic that say of that chemtrail looking cloud going to the moon ? I posted it on my Facebook. I'm on fb as Salvador Mijares and I'm very blunt and share everything . I had a few other very odd ufo experiences at my old house in California. I just moved to El Paso Texas and the stuff I see here is wild . These blue light have been glowing in the clouds lately. My friends and fam think I'm crazy but I see other videos of these same blue colored lights in clouds in other cities ??? I made a video of those blue clouds in my area of El Paso Texas on my YouTube channel. The blue lights travel with the clouds and there is spot light and was hoping I wasn't going insane looking at things I dont understand to be honest

  7. I’m saying it again…. all these moving stars… the moon….. mars….. don’t forget the big blue planet that is behind the light of the moon. This is all smoke n mirrors. 4 months I’ve researched all this on my own. I stopped living to seek the truth which has isolated me from friends and family. Everyone thinks I’m insane. I’ve witnessed with my own eyes, impossible things. Satellite floating 100 feet over our heads in our orbit. While hiding on top of the Hopland Grade Highway 175 in Lake County Ca I watched as the man in Toyota Tacoma pull over carefully look all around to make sure no one was watching, “I was hidden up in the hill behind bushes and trees” and he took out a clear see through round, looked like a frisbee with reflectors inside it. And he tossed it out and I watched as that and many others float up into their place in the sky. These are the “stars”. I witnessed “Mars” open up and a little arm come out of it, and sprayed the “Red Fog” for a long period of time. Then watched “Mars” stretch into a brilliant light into an angel and float/dance around the entire sky the flew up into a tunnel and multiple other Light Angels followed into the tunnel in the heavens. I witnessed in Fremont Ca at the water quarry again stars being released but also seen a 20 ft tall brass looking half moon and people here like lights into the great pyramids, intense lights pointing directly at brass looking moon and people moving the moon reflecting the light up to the “Moon” in the sky slightly moving it left right up and down. That same night I witnessed what I truly thought was the end of days as the stars in the sky were lined up in straight lines and to me looked like a clock and the sky was lit up brightly like a clock. I heard the sounded like War of the Worlds machine sound and I witnessed the top 30 ft or so of all trees and even down to Little plants on the ground drastically pulling to the south when you could hear the sound. Imagine capitol letter I with almost the top half now pointing to the rightwith almost 90 degree bends. It was like a ghost town. Everyone was knocked out sleeping and would not wake up. I only could see at each end of street a couple dark figures the “Shadow People” standing watching me. Like as they were confused why/how I was awake for almost an hour as I pounded on my ex in laws front door and front bedroom window where my son was sleeping at the time. I literally knew it was the end and I wanted to die with my son…. I truly accepted this was the end. Then the noise and vibration slowed to a stop and my friend Anthony who was unconscious in front seat of my truck woke up. I went back to front door of inlaws house and knocked lightly this time and within a minute my ex father in law came to the door and told me to go away…. I mean it was after midnight now so to him I’m being crazy. So I went back around the corner in my truck with my friend and parked truck in court. The noise and vibration began again and my friend instantly unconscious again. I sat and watched the trees bend to the south with that Horrible sound and cane to terns that I was going to die/ we all we going to die now. I stopped fighting the pressure of whatever it was and fell unconscious to my death….. well until the next morning I woke up in my truck in the court beyond confused. And now I am the crazy person. Something happened. Things are different now. These super bright lights everywhere now, they move as if they are under control of something. Planes are completely different than they have always been to me in 41 years. And now the one thing I haven’t mentioned yet was the Hat Man. The Hat Man tall dark figure wearing cowboy style hat….he is the Plague Doctor. I’ve seen him in the Bohemian Grove property in Clearlake Ca, waiving to me. For me to come to him which I can’t get my feet to move to go. And I would see him in their portal. That’s what it has to be or it’s a training ground because again I seen withmy eyes the trees moving. Could see an entire paradise of waterfalls ponds a giant valley etc looking through binoculars into it. Yet it’s nothing but dirt and beat up trailer homes. Smoke and mirrors. So after 4 months of madness I have come up with the only 2 explanations. Either Nibiru is the big blue planet behind the moving like a jellyfish Moon and our Gods are returning and we are doomed, or the other…. which I think to be this…. Bohemian Grove/ New World Order will try to steal the world with a magic trick. Using deception and newer technology to put fear into every nation on the planet to bow down to the “Aliens” in their one world control government. All out of smoke n mirrors and deception. That’s why we keep having sightings all over the world. They are preparing for the “INVASION”! Trust me…. if 100,000 people witness angels flying into the heavens… REVELATIONS….. is what I saw. Imagine say over the Las Vegas Strip….. MASS CHAOS AND PANDAMONIUM! Then use the magnetic pull weapon, giant spacecraft up the skies everywhere, “which are projected led lights” we would have no choice but to bow down to the new ALIEN leaders…… it’s time to stand up and take back our lives. Pay attention. Look around. Look up! Get out of looking down at your phones and use your phones to catch video of what is going on right now! I’m not crazy. Everything I’ve seen I know I’ve seen. Everyone can smirk n say yaya ok Joe…. or someone can go ask the little girl on second floor balcony in Adagio Apartments in Clearlake Ca who was the only other person who witnessed Mars and the angels with me at like 5 in the morning in early July of this year…. I stopped working. I lost my home. I right now homeless sitting in my truck because I will not stop until the ULTIMATE TRUTH is revealed. I will not quit trying to get people to see. All it takes is 1….. RED FOG OVER AMERICA is now

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