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  1. messed up thing is, day after I asked for an alien invasion, the next night I pass a blob hairless creature in road that reaChed out at me

  2. That's uh, that's uh. That's crazy dawg.

    Damn Crazy Dawg always getting high and jackin UFO's.

    We haven't seen Crazy Dawg ever since.

    We're guessing the homie Crazy Dawg got some alien bitch pregnant ey, and he went loco.

    I miss my homie Crazy Dawg, all chillin in space now foo.

    Damn foo.

  3. If this is how people think, then it shows that the people are programmable n are prep n ready to believe any story "they" choose to cover up any story!!!! Wats wrong with y'all?!!! Ain't no damn deformed, or aborted cow. Wat cow got blue eyes?!!! And a mouth like humans. Dat damn thing was walking on 2 legs!!!! Wtf wrong wit people. If I punched ur sister, wud u go home an tell ur parents she got slapped?

  4. Weird…. That same EXACT light appeared in Cali in 2017 too but reporters didn't say it was a testing of a mistle this time. Its supposedly a rocket?! A rocket from space x this time…

  5. Woman ain't going after her for copyright infringement because it's the government AGAIN posing as a civilian just to cover shit up!!! That is no fetus. With no arms? Two legs? BS!!

  6. is complex mag a magnet for the pc crowd or something? seeing lots of comments about white people that wouldnt be acceptable if you were talking about any other color. that is also a good way to reveal how racist lots of sjws are….switch the races around and youll see blm is basically a bunch of insanely racist idiots that would never be tolerated if they were ranting about white lives mattering, which is ironic because more blacks rape and murder whites than whites do blacks, at least in the u.s. thats not debatable, objective figures show this. Im sure ill be called racist.

  7. maybe the "dead cow" was infact an alien sent by its alien crew from space and the UFO sighting was because they were searching for the alien body before humans found it

  8. I found one in East Los Angeles.. he my homie now. I got him whippin the brick and he my shoota..fuck the government they not doing me like elliot

  9. Its crazy how the C.I.A / gov. could trick ppl into believing them , if you didn't know they can access fb when they want & make an account sayin that was posted in nov.5  & all of a sudden this girl dies the next day after the post its crazy FUCK THE GOVERMENT !

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Mysterious Creature Found After UFO Sighting in California (Video)

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