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  1. Wow, I'm from Cardiff and never actually knew one of the victims was around Cardiff at some point. As gruesome as the tale is, it's pretty exciting having your hometown featured in a video considering not many people know of Wales, never mind Cardiff.

  2. You’re videos are fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work❤️May you please do a video about Albert Fish, John Wayne Gacy, or Jeffrey Dahmer?☠️

  3. Hey sexy intellectual voice how long does it take you to put one of these videos together including research? That's my thought😊my day is not complete if I don't watch one of your videos.

  4. A documentary was made in 1980 and this guy was investigating it for a long time and his conclusion was your last one Walter Sickert, William Whitley Gull and the royal coach driver to silence those women spreading rumours destroying the Royal monarchy he also said an old nun said to him that when she was young an older nun said to her that if it wasn't for Mary Kelly there wouldn't have been Jack the Ripper in old age Walker Sickert was walking around with a black cloak and hat thinking he was Jack the Ripper.

  5. In my humble opinion, The Ripper had to have hated women to an astonishing degree, so it is possible that several women may have refused his offer of marriage. If he was raised in the upper class of London, he would have been taught that prostitutes were evil, and that may have been why he targeted them specifically. It is also possible that he was impotent, and that the only way he was able to achieve sexual arousal was through violent violation of the women. And yet another possibility is that he was gay, and, having been taught that homosexuals were evil and bound for hell, hated himself so much for his lack of attraction to women that he took out his anger on prostitutes. These are my thoughts at 2:20am on a tuesday morning.

  6. Great video! But you say around the 10:48 mark that Chapman was the only victim that has a photo of her in life. Then you contradict yourself by showing several photos of other victims in life. Did you eat too much Halloween candy? HAHAHA!

  7. Your information is wrong. You stated that Annie Chapman was the only victim that has a photograph of her while still living. Please google search Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddows.

  8. You said Annie Chapman was the only ripper victim to have a photograph when alive, yet you showed a photo of Mary Nichols in the video, and on the internet there are a couple of photos of her (labelled as Mary Nichols).

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Murderous Minds: Jack The Ripper | Serial Killer Documentary (Video)

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