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  1. people that are profiting form the faking of ufos and aliens need to realize what there doing to the real evidence of the unknown, Ill leave this for people to think about. It's crazy the things people will do for money, but it's even crazier people just will not believe our government does wild and crazy thing to keep getting our money. Im sure most knew about the 2 trillion dollars that went missing back in 2001 but did you know they were also asking the government about another 9 trillion dollars missing in 2001 I don't know everything about the missing money but Im sure 9/ll helped keep people from going to prison for the rest of their lives

  2. you no you guys really good at making cgi ufos, You should stop making cgi ufo videos on youtube and make some real money doing Hollywood effects.
    your company could be Alien Planet CGI.

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