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  1. SO many good videos Stuffed Up, by the Epileptic So called UFO Hunters. Who seem to have a FIT as soon as a UFO turns up for Photo Shoot. Take your Bloody PILL's or use a Tri or Mono Pod sunshine. The Camera Shake in low Light is YOUR FAULT and it look's Poor [Shit]. Don't Ruin the Footage because you think you are some kind of "Still Super Hero". Go and get a Lesson or Two on how your Camera Works, take your bloody Pill's for God sake and most of all. USE A TRIPOD…….

  2. willis is pulling your yank , SO MANY TAPES recording ? bull shit ,is called wishful thinking ,THAT ALL ,you WANT to see SOMETHING flying , when one 1 person get ALLOT of recording and has a( knot ) for i t ,-that's when you get your head OUT your ass

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Most Bizarre UFO Recordings of All Time – Documentary (Video)

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