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  1. Take humans for example, the average height for a man is 5’10, yet the tallest man ever was 8’11. Then with sharks or infact any creature there is always going to the odd freak that grows way bigger than normal. 25 feet is very possible for a great white!

  2. Of course I believe it. No doubt there are even bigger great whites out there. World records are set fairly consistently for fish of many species that aren't protected. Stands to reason that since the great white is protected, there are individuals growing to enormous sizes.

  3. 7 meters is almost 23ft. long. Now that's a mighty big fish; however, the Guinness Book of World Records listed two Great Whites that were captured in Australia in the 1870's that were far larger. A 10.9 meter (36ft.) was captured near Point Fairy in Southern Australia, and a 11.3 meter (37ft.) was trapped in a herring weir in New Brunswick. We need a bigger boat!

  4. Pretty hard to make an accurate estimate without having something of known size in the water next to it to compare it to. These guys were in a helicopter. The largest reliably measured GWS was 6M

  5. The part I don’t understand is that these so-called scientists are more fascinated with the galaxy that’s too far us to reach than our ocean that is right here by our feet. We only explored 5% of our ocean. There’s 95% more to explore! What’s preventing you guys?!? The government?

  6. I think anyone who doesnt believe that there are real monster size sharks roaming the ocean are fooling themselves…they are like the 7' plus people in the human world..not common but they do exist! I would not be surprised to find out a 25' or 8.5 meter GW sharks are out there.

  7. Yes they are out there but man is going to ruin it just they ruin every thing else I hope to that man who really see it let be the last thing he see the don't come on land bothering us so leave them alone foolish human mortals

  8. Awesome let’s hope they swim the oceans in peace doing there thing keeping the oceans food chain in order as they have for millions of years..

  9. I saw a report which said deep blue was 22ft, and this one at 7meters is only about a foot longer assuming estimates are correct. It's perfectly within reason to assume deep blue is not the largest, so the size is possible.

  10. How do you determine a Tiger shark over a great white shark from a chopper, there must be better pics or video for such a conversation about a Meg that no one has seen but now a movie and a sighting to promote excitement and curiosity. Great job by the promotion department!!

  11. Several people have been taken by White Sharks on the metropolitan coastline of Adelaide South Australia over the years. Most who have been taken leave no trace so we can assume that a super large sharks are to blame. This is in a gulf with very little swell making it's way to shore as Kangaroo Island blocks all but the most powerful swells so quite flat water in the summer months. This Snapper season so the big ones follow the schools of large fish.

    A young man was taken just 300m from shore while skurfing behind a boat, a diver doing research for Adelaide Uni was taken in front of other divers with reports it sounded like a speed boat coming, an Abalone diver was taken very near to this photo. In the 1940's a school teacher was taken in front of students while jumping off Glenelg jetty 50m from shore.

    It's all a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I've surfed all over South Australia for over 35yrs and never seen one.

    Fun fact…the original Jaws footage was filmed in South Australia off Port lincoln 8 hrs west of Adelaide. A few surfers have been taken over that way. You may have heard of Cactus surfing reserve. A NZ visitor surfing there was taken without a trace one morning with reports the shark appeared to be as fat as a caravan. Another lad was taken without a trace at an awesome surf spot called Blackfellows back towards Streaky Bay.

  12. 35ft gws spotted off southern california 1986. 3 commercial fishing boats and confirmed witnesses and 2 pilots seen it. they tried to harpoon it but it sounded out and got away.

  13. This shark just doesn't look like it has the girth for a White Shark that is 7m in length. I'd argue that it is big — but not that big.

  14. Completely believable…if a puffer fish can create a work of art, an octopus can use tools, dolphins can speak to eachother…then an already massive shark; being slightly more massive than usual is entirely possible…the ocean/planet is full of unbelievable creatures.

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Monster 7m Great White Shark Sighted Off Australian Beach. (Video)

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