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  1. So it sounds like you did ZERO research on who dr Bruce McCabe is? He rolls with kit Chris green, Hal putof, col John Alexander and the rest of the AVIERY crew. He’s been into the ufo stuff with people in the DOD for years. He’s not your average guy. your research is lacking.

  2. I wish they showed Jen's photo. I believe the so called "Big foot…" is probably bush men living off the grid, in the woods dressed up in bear skins or other animal skins. They are the ones kidnapping all the kids/hikers…so Big foot is just a man in a costume living as a serial killer out in the woods. And there are a hell of a lot of them out there. I can't wait for one to get shot n killed. Why aren't there people hunting these guys out?

  3. Invisibility doesn't account for:

    No sounds of a struggle heard by companions;
    no footprints or drag marks on the ground;
    no broken branches or twigs;
    no fabric or hair on branches or twigs;
    no scent for dogs to follow;
    bad weather almost always occurs shortly after the disappearance;
    many people taken are of German extraction;
    many people taken are particularly religious;
    many people taken are either mentally challenged, or extremely intelligent;
    victims and bodies that are found often have deep vertical gashes;
    living victims can't say what happened to them, seem to be dazed;
    living victims have a low grade infection;
    many areas have groups of particular types of people who have been taken (age and gender);
    no one carrying both a weapon and a transponder has been taken (unless that has changed recently).

  4. Old Bruce really isn't that smart. It's called overlapping electro magnetic fields will bust up any camera settings. It does it every time people film in heavy wooded areas.

  5. I've had something happen in Cali, snuck out to hang out with a girl, came back to cabin at around 1ish, tried to sneak back in and something was in the woods getting closer, never saw it but the branches moved, next thing I know its close so I start pounding away wakimg my parents up not caring about getting in trouble. Don't know…

  6. Bigfoots are sent by aliens aka hyperdimensional beings as slaves to collect humans for use as containers, that is as food and other. It is a matrix and we are food. Avoid berries it creates frequency match if on right frequency. watch ufo and nato human mutilation cover up for further surface info.

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