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  1. there is a very popular and accepted commentary on the Babylonian Talmud referred to as Rashi. In tractate Bechorot (Hebrew for Firstborns) Rashi wrote (top of pg. 8a) and I translate from the original Hebrew, "there is a species of sea creature whose shape is half human and half fish, which are referred to in ancient French as Shrina." I think it interesting to mention that this sage lived approximately 950 years ago.

  2. why write the headline real mermaids caught on camera yet everything your saying is and i quote they are all hokes so um…your not telling the truth so dont say they'relying when you are!!!! i dont get people ://

  3. I will save you guys 13 minutes; just footage of people pretending to be mermaids and hearsay from people who have claimed to see them. No proof whatsoever. I am open to the possibility so some legit proof would be nice.

  4. It seems well the narrator speaks she puts people down for their beliefs saying cuz they don't know better some people need to believe in something why take that from anyone taking that from someone cuz not cool she should know better damn narrator

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Mermaids Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life (Video)

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