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  1. Good sir…I've seen these beings many times. I cannot say they're people wearing costumes, really good swimmers, mirages, the product of alcohol or drugs (I do not drink nor smoke nor partake of any mind altering or mood altering chemicals), or misidentification of sea or other aquatic animals. Have been seeing them regularly since age 4 or 5. May the Lord of Lords bless you. <3

  2. It's not the fact that many people believe as it's much more the fact that they WISH to believe. I for one believe there are many things in this world not yet discovered. Keep an open mind…you never know what might happen. 🙂

  3. Any of you who read might want to pick up stuff written by Desmond Morris, a reknowned zoologist, who pointed out LONG ago that humans display physical traits indicating we spent a long time living aquatically.
    Could we and they have split off, with them staying in the water and us here, now? Why not? Look at cetaceans, which evolved from land-based animals.
    Problem is, we'll capture them and set them to performing in OceanWorld or somesuch nonsense, sadly, instead of just leaving them alone.

  4. Computer animation has been good for movies and we go along with them because it's make believe and just accept it. However, CGI hasn't been good in other areas because it allows people to make these videos and pass them off as real. Some will buy into it and go "Woah, that's so real" and others will be the complete opposite. Dunno what it's gonna take to convince people these because CGI has made it hard in a lot of ways.

  5. how is it genetically impossible that makes no sense at all? something along the monkey genus went back in the ocean. you know that's why dolphins and whales breath the way they do they were land animals that went back into the ocean. they're more closely related to cows then fish

  6. Really.. apes were first.. They split off into groups . Some went into the water for food , some went back to the mountains. Then came aquatic apes who adapted to water.. One question, why do we have webs in between our fingers & every other mammals dont, including apes. How can new born babies automatically know.how to swim with NO problem with their eyes wide open. There is a chance we came from mermaids because look at Polar Bears. They started off as brown bears evolved into polars with webs

  7. Its genetically impossible for mermaids to exist. The only ways for mermaids to exist is for a humans legs being fused together, evolution, or a superhuman. All of those pictures online are sculptures that artists make and post pictures of to get money off of.

  8. I think they are but I don't agree with Him that peoples need to catch them all! I think they are live creatures and they have right to be free and they maybe are not nice because they are scared from outside world you know?! I LOVE MERMAIDS ;DD

  9. were can i buy what his having. lol jk come on guys there was a new whale species found like in 2006 that a big whale as big a a school buss now try finding something that docent what to be found

    Sorry for bad english

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Mermaid Caught Tape (Video)

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