Megalodon Shark Caught on Tape – World Largest Shark Alive? Epic Videos – Official CR 2.0 (Video)

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  1. Megalodon is extinct period.

    However, sightings of Great White sharks that are unusually larger is becoming slightly more common. Any video claiming that this is Megalodon is purely fictitious. Its like someone saying, oh I have video of a T-Rex in some obscure forest in South America. Its simply not possible. Not today, not ever. Granted, much of our oceans remain unexplored, that of and by itself, doesn't mean there are prehistoric animals waiting to be discovered. Yes, certain species have been identified as extinct and alive, but they're smaller, thus requiring far less food for example, versus Megalodon. I might add, some spot the Whale Shark and think it's a Megalodon or a giant Great White. In fact, it's as harmless as a mouse. Though very intimidating at first. No, extinct means gone forever. Nature makes those decisions for which we, as humans have no control over. Even our own demise will one day end our days.

    Megalodon was roughly the length of a tractor and trailer. Which, in itself, is quite intimidating. Its nice to fantasize about seeing one, but it's quite literally impossible. All that's left are teeth and bone fragments I'm afraid. Little else. Like T-Rex, it's a fascinating creature, if not terrifying. Its shear size, weight, dimensions are quite impressive, but there were creatures far greater in size versus Megalodon. Imagine a large carnivore living in the seas 65 million years ago the size of a 747. With teeth so large, each looked as large as bricks. Yes, many such creatures once existed, but only a fool would try and suggest such creatures exist today. The short answer is food supply. Such creatures require copious amounts of food to survive. Let alone grow. Then the oceans overall temperature changes. Even 1 degree is enough to kill an entire species.

    Our present day Great White sharks likely evolved from Megalodon. Studies are somewhat inconclusive or vague, but it's certainly possible since both share so much in common with one another. Great Whites are actually quite beautiful and very majestic creatures. Jaws, the franchise, all but have the Great White a death sentence. Truth is, Great Whites are mostly private creatures, which rarely attack humans. One has a greater chance of being attacked by a hammerhead or worse yet, a Bull Shark. Which are far more lethal to humans. South America, Hawaii and other places see many attacks by those two sharks, but when a reported attack occurs concerning a Great White, it gets front page press. Such is the mystique surrounding the most talked about shark in history. Yet, it's so false and takes away from those species of sharks which present the most danger to humans. Like the Bull Shark.

    Personally, I believe the Great White has been demonized enough. Its time to place it on a protective species list before it too is gone.🐋🐋🐋

  2. Let me put this into perspective for some people, only 1% of the waters have been explored it is as if they went to the beach with a bucket, scooped water into it and said nope there's nothing in there .

  3. Until there is irrefutable evidence the debate will continue,like I have pointed out many times is the only evidence that Megalodon ever exists or existed is fossilized teeth,so any ideas about its shape,colour or habits are mere speculation or at best educated guesswork .So we must understand that that the sharks have an incredible number of adaptations so that we really don’t have a solid plan to conduct a adequate study to determine it’s continued existence .

  4. I personally don't want a Megalodon  in the water near me , if I'm in a canoe or Kayak . From down in the water, both of those boats look way too much like a fish of some sort.  Megalodons are supposed to get as large as a standard sized school bus.  They could bite either of those boats in two, just trying to see if it tastes right. Watch some clips  here of grown hippopotamuses biting a crocodile  when they think it is too close to their young.  It's obvious they can break one like a human breaks a pretzel . There are clips of them throwing live crocodiles up in the air like rag dolls. I have a Megalodon  tooth that was found in a phosphate mine near the South Carolina coast. It completely covers my hand, and it is by no means the largest Megalodon tooth I have seen. All other shark  teeth I have seen do nor exceed about three inches.

  5. last 5 years they submitt that they foumd.alive.over 15 extinct animals….i belive that things can survive and.breed in tougher condicions then.we can…

  6. sure i can agree to that to a certain extant. problem is with megladon like the great white it would be warm blooded that mean high up in the water column not low.

  7. It look like it would be a Megalodon but since half of our ocean most of it in fact is not even explored then I'll give you that it's very possible though that it could be cuz we don't know what's out there

  8. A great white shark "Deep Blue" is larger/longer/bigger than these sharks..so i don't think this is megalodon
    But i agree that Megalodon shouldn't be on a "extinct" list…

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Megalodon Shark Caught on Tape – World Largest Shark Alive? Epic Videos – Official CR 2.0 (Video)

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