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  1. you yelled that out at woodstock with kids in the lake? that is retarded harley. This is too real for me now that a tiger shark nearly killed a man swimming where I swim daily…took both his feet off and he was mangled to the floor 15 ft below till the man had the strength to punch it in the eyeball and take it out and wave to his friend…the friend got help from a nearby kyack and lived. I just happened to get on a plane to ny last minute the night before..I swim alone…I would have been lunch for that shark..it was not even feeding time..it was 12pm..unheard of in my area…I live in sort of a bay…I am still freaked out by it and very very sad…happy to be alive and have my feet, but swimming miles in that ocean was part of my daily meditation and added a lot to my fitness…I may get a deturant that I would wear on my ankle. I am not sure though how far I would feel comfortable swimming out there.. I never had fear and now I look back and say what the hell made me so fearless. Pretty sure we don't have megladons here..but ya never know? The unusual heavy rains are causing killer whales to swim near by and may be more plankton and sea veggies in the sea now that the rains brought in stuff…more minerals for sure for the sharks and the monk seals and turtles which they feed on. Crazy! Not sure when I will be back in..the rain is non stop here for a month now.

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Megalodon Shark Captured South Australian Coast (Video)

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