Man Finds Enormous Gold Nugget Under A Double Rainbow

A man from Townsville has discovered what lies underneath a double rainbow in North Queensland, a huge gold nugget.

Prospector Finds Gold Nugget Worth $63, 814

The prospector discovered an enormous gold nugget weighing 1.1763kg in a field under a rainbow in the Charters Towers region and it is said that the nugget is worth around $63, 814. One gram of gold is worth $54.25.

The man found the gold nugget 15cm under the ground and he found it using a Minelab GPX 5000 metal detector. The man said that when he discovered the first nugget he was very pleased as it was the biggest one that he has ever found. Of course, he wants to remain anonymous.

He went on to say that he would have been quite happy with the first nugget that he found but then when he had calmed down from his first finding he went back to the same spot. He said that he restarted the metal detector he was using and made about two or three swings with it and then he came across the huge gold nugget. He said that at that point he became emotionally overwhelmed at the finding.

Prospector Had Been About To Give Up Searching When He Found Nugget

He had been in that region for some time that day searching for gold and said that he was about to give up and pack up and leave. He decided that he would give his search another fifteen minutes and then pack up and said that within five minutes of this time he had found a good signal. He went on to say that the signal was not too loud but it was loud enough for him to be confident that it was signaling gold and so he began to dig.

He admitted that at first, he had no idea just how big the gold nugget was as he had weighing scales on him but the scales only weighed up to 500 grams. He took the nugget home with him and only then found out that it weighed over a kilo.

The man said that the nugget was found underneath vegetation and it had been something of a challenge to reach it. He now thinks that the roots may be keeping some more big gold nuggets safe and they may be discovered another time.

Day Before Find He Saw Double Rainbow And Dug Under It Next Day

He said that when he was driving back to his camp the day before he had seen a double rainbow for the first time. While the old saying is that gold is found at the end of a rainbow, the man chose to identify the ground underneath the highest point of the arc of the rainbow and the chose to dig for gold there the next day.

The man has called the gold nugget he found the Arcus Nugget and this is due to the fact that the rainbow helped him find the nugget and Arcus is the Latin name for the rainbow. The man said that he told himself that he would find gold under the rainbow the next day but he had no idea as to just how much of it he would find. He is now negotiating with a private buyer to sell the gold nugget.

How Many More Gold Nuggets Are Waiting To Be Found?

Peter Cragg, the Minelab dealer in Townsville said that he was amazed to see the size of the gold nugget. He went on to say that it was a great story and that it showed that there are still some huge gold nuggets out there just waiting to be found if you own the right equipment and know where to look. He went on to say that the man had found over a kilo of gold in a region where detectors will have been used before so it makes one wonder what might be still out there.

As expected the gold prospector has declined to identify the exact location where he found the huge gold nugget.

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Man Finds Enormous Gold Nugget Under A Double Rainbow

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