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  1. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION,,, this photograph was NOT given to the newspaper or CLAIMED to be image of a BIGFOOT. this was sent to me with another 28 area shots, the journo lied and said Max sent these to him, that is untrue, Max has walked those woods for decades and has had an experience of the british bigfoot. It seem the british newspapers will run anything without permission, this series of videos was supposed to show that… sadly i thought i better add this description as nobody reads the video description anymore,,, come on people you Know me and i would not put this out unless I knew the back story.

  2. BS, top of the tree moves first followed by the trunk section indicating being pulled from the top somehow and also how convenient is his hand and arm in the way! To many liars in this world and the makers of that video imo are definitely liars!

  3. It is a small tree stump with a overturned tree on its side in the background, nothing more! you want to see one, Then If you wish to spend 3 weeks in a very remote area at -5 with -35 wind chill with upto 100-150 mph winds and stay on their ground long enough, you will get your wish! Respect is earned! and after that, your whole life will change in many ways! + & –

  4. What about the routine ethics of checking your sources and reporting the truth with impartiality? seems like the British press have lost their mojo!
    AND ……who the hell is shaking that tree???!!!!!
    Thanks for putting us right Deborah.

  5. The 'Bigfoot' picture is clearly a fallen tree (roots) with a stump in front of it – fake news if ever there was such a thing, lol
    However that tree movement on the end of the video is incredible as none of the other trees are moving and it would take an immense force to get such a tall tree swaying like that – awesome stuff and I have no explanation of what could cause such a thing.

  6. Thanks for the video, It was good to see BF tonys "tree pusher" again. I think that is the best British vid out there. Not sure about the Irish pic. Thanks again, peace and light.

  7. Oh, I was so hoping for it to be so. It’s an optical Illusion; the thin wispy branches of the lower part of the tree in the foreground being more exposed to the inclement weather than the inner trees, are covered with snow which when imposed against the dark trunk of the tree immediately behind it gives a superficial appearance of pertaining to a head and right shoulder. A few steps to the left or right and this parallax perception would be broken and we would determine both forms as being separated by distance. We naturally attribute anthropomorphic aspects to many naturally occurring formations. This is another example. Ah well, we’ll catch ole woodwose off guard one day. Thanks for sharing

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Mail Online Is this a picture of the British Bigfoot? Bigfoot In Ireland (Video)

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