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  1. I just want to confirm that this is real, I saw a whole documentary about it on French TV, they did an investigation and analyzed the footage; the people who shot it also seemed VERY legit, I think there is seriously something in this video to discover.

  2. I know that you posted this some time ago now, but your amazing clip is exactly like an experience my son and I had in 2000. We were living in St. Victor des Oules, to the east of Uzes, Languedoc, at the time. It was still and silent over us for at least 20 mins and was huge! It slowly moved off towards Les Cevennes to the north, whereby it released spheres that looked like pearls from it's circumference, complete with sonic booms, that travelled fast, almost impossible to follow with the eye!

  3. my questions are: why is the vid cut just when the object is starting to move at the end? and: why is there almost no vocal reaction of the people at the scene including the person filming?

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low altitude ufo sighting in south of france – clear shot (Video)

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